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Rocks around the clock

Pauliina Tiainen
Pauliina Tiainen
Rocks are everywhere. You walk on them, you build with them and you basically even eat and drink with them as stainless steel, glass and porcelain contain minerals. We wouldn’t exist without this stunning and colorful, yet strong collection of nature’s own treasures. But to me rocks mean much more than just useful raw materials.

Since my childhood I have been a rock enthusiast inside out. I used to spend hours in the woods or water searching for the perfect jewels for my collection. I gave each piece a special name and set up exhibitions for my family and friends. And – believe it or not – I even tried to eat some of them. They looked so delicious! My mom had to check my mouth regularly; I think it’s really a miracle that I still have teeth.

My eternal source of inspiration

After growing older rocks have become an important part of my life in a different way. They inspire me, fascinate me and sometimes even scare me with their immersive mystical power. I am a true adventurer and after thinking I have realized that rocks are also part of my every trip. As a nature and sport addict I either hike, bike, sail or ride to explore new gorgeous places: caves, islands, waterfalls, canyons or mountains – you name it. Each single stone is unique and a piece of art by itself. The more massive rock formations I see as natural art galleries. I will never get tired of finding new types of minerals or imagining names for odd looking figures according to their appearance.

Rock scenery

The endless mystical power 

What is then most thrilling about rocks? I think the eternity. Rocks form our planet. No matter where you go and what you do you touch them. Since the beginning of times rocks have been watching the world go. Think about how much a stone could tell us if it was able to speak! Even the moon is full of minerals – how empty would our night sky be without its beautiful silver light? It is no wonder that stones have had significant meaning for so many indigenous tribes. Also, I must agree that rocks have healing power. An example: if you get tired during a long hike once you stop and sit or just even lean on a rock you will instantly feel better. Just try it.

I could talk about rocks and minerals forever. However, coming back to the referral of time. How would you know the time if we didn’t have minerals? Neither your watch nor mobile phone would exist without them. Quite amazing these cold and hard gems, aren’t they? Start looking around – perhaps you will find your own special treasure.


Jump to the magical world of minerals at: kivikone.fi (in Finnish)


Sunset on the rocks