Apr 26, 2018 Corporate blog

Safety is about caring for each other

Matleena Lujala
Matleena Lujala
HSE Specialist
You see a colleague using the wrong tool for the job or walking the stairs while reading his phone. You see the hazard and you know you should intervene by telling the colleague that what he is doing is not safe, but you can’t. You feel awkward and anxious. It’s easier to just let the person make his own decisions and look after himself. Sounds familiar, right?
Group of employees with safety mascot.
"Because I care" was the theme of our annual global safety campaign.

How to take action?

We all come across situations where we could intervene. But most of the time the situations seem so harmless that we decide to stay in our comfort zone and let everyone take responsibility for their own actions. We don’t want to create tension, and we don’t want to question the professionalism or judgment of others. We rely on the probability that nothing bad will happen. But what if something was to go wrong and you knew that you could have stepped in to make a difference?

Sometimes we might feel that there is no way for us as individuals to improve safety. But, in fact, we can make a difference by simply caring for each other, by looking after the colleague next to us. Caring can be expressed in many ways; the most pleasant way is to just stop for a minute and have a positive conversation about safety. A less ideal, yet very important, situation is to intervene upon seeing an unsafe act. It is not always easy and it is not always rewarding, but finding that small bit of courage can have a great impact.

Because I care

Because I care was the theme of our annual global safety campaign – Safety pledge 2017. The campaign addressed the topic in a short movie-style internal video that aimed to encourage us to show our co-workers that we care. It gave us a permission to step outside our comfort zone and intervene also in unsafe situations. It also gave us another good opportunity to strengthen our open and friendly working culture and to learn more about each other’s work and safety.

People filming a safety video.
Safety is very important to us − here we are filming our internal safety campaign video
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