Sep 4, 2018 Corporate blog

Summer full of sunshine and challenge

Metso HR Team
Metso HR Team
Change can be hard. To avoid sticking to old routines, I have always tried to push myself out of my comfort zone, experiencing new things and seeing the world. When I was asked to join the D&L Operational Excellence team as a summer trainee, I instantly knew this was a chance I didn’t want to miss. I’ve lived in many places throughout my life, however, mainly at Helsinki rural area, where I also go to university. I jumped into the unknown and took the position at Tampere, which ended up being one of the best choices in my life.
Joona Soratie with work colleagues

My tutor Maxim Tuovinen, me and Timo Vuojamo

First day at work was full of excitement and new things to learn. Honestly, one of the biggest surprises were the team working habits. My whole life I’ve been under the impression that big corporations do things very conservatively and have strict hierarchies. But here I found myself in a team that uses Agile development principles, coordinates their work on Kanban board and works very effectively together. Even though I later realized that this wasn’t the reality in most of the other teams, I was amazed.

Especially in the beginning, the learning curve was steep. I was given a lot of liberty over my work, but as the saying goes, liberty means responsibility. In my first weekly meeting with my boss, he told me to just talk to people and discover things that I would be interested to do. I took the hint and found myself in a load of different projects and tasks with many incredible people. Never have I been as challenged by work as here, but also this was the first time that work didn’t feel like work. Not a single time during my trainee period I had to watch the time and think how many hours I still have before I could go home. Time went flying, I learned a lot, and nothing was more motivating than to see our work making a real difference to someone.

I enjoyed the working atmosphere at Metso. It was always pleasant to come to work and everyone I met during the summer was extremely kind and always willing to help. This is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. We kept in touch with our co-workers even after the working hours in self organized sauna nights and other activities. Especially I enjoyed working together with our trainee team consisting of me, my co summer trainee, and our tutor.

Now after three months, I’m a bit shocked how fast the summer went. Just as I had got up to the speed, I now need to go back to school. This summer taught me a lot and I will remember it with extreme delight in my future. All the incredible people I got to work with, all  the projects I was part of and all the things I have learned made this summer an unforgettable experience that I wouldn’t change for a thing.

Written by: Joona Soratie, Trainee, Distribution & Logistics Operational Excellence