May 9, 2016 Corporate blog

Sustainability inside – making responsibility business as usual

Kaisa Jungman
Kaisa Jungman
Director, Sustainable Business Development
If each of us took personal responsibility for how sustainability figured inside our own jobs, the combined impact would be huge. That’s the approach to responsibility we take at Metso.
Metso's equipment like Lokotrack  are used to help heavy industry perform more efficiently.
We know that responsible business is not only the right thing to do, it also makes us more innovative, saves us costs, increases safety and injects order into everything we do.

A lot of what Metso does helps heavy industry perform more efficiently. And in a more sustainable way. Customers that use our products are typically able to increase the safety, energy and materials efficiency of their processes, while reducing emissions and water consumption. That's Metso's main contribution to a sustainable world. But of course it's also important we act responsibly in our own operations.

We're serious about serious issues

Grinding mills and valves may seem a million miles away from human rights and climate change. But when you realize that our products are used extensively in mining, aggregates, oil & gas as well as in pulp & paper and recycling, issues like safety, energy, waste, supply chain and business integrity soon enter the conversation. To make it easier for people to connect sustainability to core business issues - like quality, productivity, cost and speed – we have grouped our sustainability topics into four areas;

  • Building our customer success – environmentally efficient and safe products, solutions and services
  • Performing together – a safe working environment and a culture that supports good performance, competence development and ethical business principles
  • Contributing to the environment - reducing our environmental load in our production through targets on energy and water consumption, emissions and waste
  • Responsible supply chain – screening, training and close partnerships as well as compliance to applicable laws on restricted materials

We know that responsible business is not only the right thing to do, it also makes us more innovative, saves us costs, increases safety and injects order into everything we do. Over the years, we have made sustainability an integral part of our research and development work and ways of working. In that respect, you could say sustainability is in our DNA. All this strengthens our competitiveness and reputation towards our stakeholders. What we can't say is that we have reached all our sustainability goals. There is always room for improvement and the world, along with stakeholder expectations, is constantly changing.

Expect results year on year

Sustainability work is ironic; the more you know and harder you work at it, the more challenges and opportunities you discover. That's probably because we live on a complex, ever-changing planet and Metso has a big influence through its knowledge, people and solutions.

And we are making constant progress. Although we have some way to go to reach an LTIF of below one, we did manage to reduce our 2015 LTIF by 39% compared to 2014. Loss Time Injuries Frequency (LTIF) is also part of all Metso's bonus plans. Our 2020 targets to cut our energy consumption and carbon emissions by 20%, as well as water consumption and waste by 15% are still in our sights. We are also implementing a systematic supply chain audit process to ensure our first tier suppliers comply with legal and ethical expectations. And this year, we are also reaching out to customers more, especially those interested in difficult sustainability topics, such as conflict minerals, renewing our code of conduct and training our employees. Overall, we are aiming to become a sustainability thought leader in our industry by 2020. Check out our sustainability report.

It feels like there's a lot to do. But if you think of it as getting everyone in our ecosystem, both employees and external partners, to do their part, then you soon realize that the potential value for our planet and for Metso is well worth the effort. Read more about Metso's sustainability here.