Jul 11, 2018 Corporate blog

The core of our business is made of rock

Aino Seppälä
Aino Seppälä
Metso alumni
In the beginning of May I started my journey at Metso as a Communications and sustainability summer trainee. Ever since, I have stumbled upon various misconceptions people outside the company seem to harbor. I have heard countless questions about Metso including  “They operate in the forest industry, don’t they?” or “Is it the company that makes paper machines?”.

For me these questions were the starting point for thinking, how could we better communicate to the public what it is we do at Metso. That’s how my mission was born. I began to explain to people starting from friends and family that I work in a company that makes, mostly big, machines and provides services for industries like aggregates and mining. No paper or forest machines made here. That is what Metso does – and does it well.

Metso is among the largest listed companies in Finland and its name is familiar to many. How is it then that many Finns have no clue of what we do here? In the course of history Metso has acquired many companies, merged and demerged. Some may still remember us from times when we were one with Valmet and actually did make paper machines, or they may confuse us with Metsä group. Their name means forest in Finnish and is similar to that of Metso. The Finnish word Metso is also the name of Western capercaillie - a bird species that dwells in forests. You get the picture. Still the core of our business is made of rock. Metso’s solutions help to break it, to crush it, to move it and eventually to recycle it. I guess you could say that our machines eat rocks just like the bird we are named after.

Fortunately our customers and the main stakeholders know us and look to us for the correct solutions like crushing plants or valves. Still I hope to see the day when Metso is globally perceived to have more to do with rock than trees. I work towards this goal with every social media post I make for Metso. In addition, I have taken it as my personal mission to straighten out the misconceptions I encounter. Especially on that front, my work is far from finished. I believe I still have many distant cousins who are not aware of our customer industries. How about you? Will you take part in my mission?