Jun 30, 2017 Corporate blog

The fascinating journey of Metso World 2.0

Jonna Pietarinen
Jonna Pietarinen
Communications specialist
Digitalization? Yesterday’s news you say. We are so used to everything being online, mobile-optimized, in cloud etc. that we are not necessarily even aware of what opportunities digitalization still holds – we have barely scratched the surface.
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I have now learned that even the way we build and produce material for the basis of our societies, such as infrastructure, will most likely be revolutionized. How fascinating it is, for Metso people to be at the forefront of developing the digitalized world of the industries Metso operates in and more.

It is almost like magic

The industries, that Metso offers solutions to, are mostly everything but small-scale. They involve massive crushers, factories and quarries and the idea of somehow digitalizing the operations seems impossible and maybe even a little intimidating. After all, digitalization does tend to lead to automation at least to some extent.

However, the digitalization buzz I have witnessed here in Metso has managed to pull me in. I have always been fascinated of how something works in detail, and usually it turns out that the tiniest component is the most crucial one. As a side note, usually digital solutions are invisible for the eye. Isn’t it almost like magic?

Except that this is real

Digitalization is about products, it is about services, people, security – you name it. Digitalization does not mean stuff happening only in an alternative world of codes and bits. It happens right here in the “real” world. Right before midsummer, Metso employees in Sanomatalo had a chance to test VR-headset and access a virtual mine. I am happy to get even a slight glimpse to the Metso digitalization projects as companies needs to be agile and fast with this.

Too much hype? True, there is still a lot to be done and discovered. But at Metso, the journey has begun. That means that all of us, curious of the details behind the Metso World 2.0, have an opportunity to reserve good seats for this journey. Hop in – the scenery is like from another reality.