Sep 14, 2018 Corporate blog

Things I learned while working as a Delivery team trainee at Metso

Elisa Kettunen
Elisa Kettunen
Summer trainee, Delivery Team
After living in four different countries, it has been evident that I wish to pursue my career in a global company. As 4th year student I had a lot of pressure to find a summer job, which would support my previous Supply Chain Management studies. After sending applications to different summer positions, I was beyond happy to land in a job to a Finnish company, which makes top quality products and services to its customers. I was not necessarily looking for a job in machinery company but I was excited when the opportunity came along. At that time, I was a student at Lund University in Sweden therefore it was time to pack my bags and move to Helsinki.

Delivery team in Metso Flow Control Oy in Vantaa combines 14 individuals from different backgrounds, five of us work with Project Unit deliveries and the rest with day to day deliveries. Even though we work with different kind of deliveries, we all have the same goal; to deliver items as effectively as we can to meet customers desires. The job includes a lot of communication with different internal and external stakeholders. Without close collaboration with colleagues responsible of project management, dispatch, inspection and sales our everyday tasks would be impossible to perform. Working with diverse group of people who have distinct perspectives and ways of working have made me realize the pitfalls of my own thinking and to be more aware of them.

In delivery team things happen fast therefore I have learned to concentrate on the most important tasks as well as to delegate responsibilities. Besides, I have learned to work in slightly uncertain environment, which has taught me to plan ahead but also to change my course of action in case the unexpected happens. Additionally, I have figured out how vital clear communication is when working in international environment. It is very easy to be misunderstood when you don’t have the same native language with your colleagues and customers neither when you are not able to communicate face to face.

It was great to notice that you don’t need to have technical qualification to succeed in a machinery firm. Besides, whenever I have needed support to understand more detailed information of valves, there has always been someone willing to help. Furthermore, in relatively masculine environment I have always felt comfortable and I feel like we are all treated equally regardless of one’s gender. All in all, I need to admit that working at Metso has exceeded all my expectation – I have learned bunch of new things, made close friends with co-workers, gathered some valuable work experience in international settings and got a chance to work in a field that would be potential after graduation. My four and half months at Metso has passed very quickly and now it is time to return back to Sweden. Thanks for having me!