Apr 27, 2017 Corporate blog

Ideas for engaging safety programs

Matleena Lujala
Matleena Lujala
HSE Specialist
Success in health and safety is about many different actions in different areas. But even more importantly, there needs to be solid commitment from all levels and regions of the organization. At Metso, engaging, results-focused safety programs are arranged on global and local levels.
Health and safety is a priority to Metso.

In addition to global campaigns, our local offices often run tailored safety events of their own. These actions at community levels send a clear message to our stakeholders around the world that safety is valued at Metso. They also help personalize our evolving safety culture.

We'd like to share with you some of the engaging ways our people have been getting together locally around health and safety.

1. Hands-on health lessons in Mexico

At our Irapuato site in Mexico, a full week of training focused on themes like work safety, employee health, environmental management, and even fire prevention. The inauguration ceremony literally went off with a bang – a mock exploding gas tank. Simulated fires and injuries, such as third-degree burns and exposed forearm fractures then gave our people an unexpected chance to practice fire-fighting and first-aid.

Workshops, site tours, and trainings continued for employees and their families, notably, a health fair featuring disease detection, a vaccination campaign, and a first-aid workshop for children practicing on teddy bears.

2. Promoting injury-free workspace in India

A week celebrating safety took place in Vadodara, India, promoting an injury-free work space. The capstone of the week was an enthusiastic meeting of minds among personnel, sharing experiences and ideas on how to further improve local safety culture. Other events brought in family members for safety quizzes, a signature campaign, and an exhibition of personal protective equipment.

3. Shared risk observation in Sweden

An open day at our Gällivare site in Sweden brought in management, foremen and supervisors from a local mining customer, as well as contractors from local supplier companies. Following a presentation on mining health, safety and the environment, the group visited a nearby workshop and carried out a joint risk observation session with their hosts.

2017 focus on optimizing metrics

This year, the ILO’s World Health and Safety day focus will be on the ability of countries and companies to collect reliable data, and put it to good use. At Metso, health and safety numbers are valued as equally as other key metrics such as productivity numbers and quality. 

One important health and safety indicator, which Metso calculates and reports, is the lost time incident frequency (LTIF) rate, which is featured on the chart below. The LTIF rate expresses the number of incidents over a period of 1 million working hours worked. Metso is targeting a global LTIF of less than one, but our long-term target is zero!  

LTIF at Metso.
LTIF at Metso.

Success in health and safety is not only about collecting data, it’s about many different actions in different areas. There need to be solid policies, instructions and procedures that are followed as well as clear targets and action plans. Continuous communication, open discussions, and observing and sharing are also needed, as well as proactive corrective actions that bring constant improvement.

But even more importantly, there needs to be solid commitment coming from all levels and regions of the organization.