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TOP10 blog posts 2018

Metso Communications
Metso Communications
Our customers' are witnessing great changes in the industries fueled by megatrends such as digitalization and circular economy as well as constant thrive to improve efficiency and increase productivity. In 2018, we covered these topics in our blog posts while celebrating our 150th anniversary and have now collected the best pieces for you.
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TOP10 blog post from 2018 - enjoy!

1. Three reasons why your primary crusher feed contains oversized rocks

In today’s mining industry, there is a clear trend of increasing production capacity to reduce costs through economies of scale. In order to prevent the common bottlenecks, one key element that needs to be analyzed is the mine’s existing drill and blast program.

2. How recycled concrete and asphalt are changing the game 

This blog post features our distributor Mellot Company as a guest blogger. Focusing on circular economy in aggregate producing industry, the post covers the rise and future outlooks of recycled concrete and asphalt.

3. Diagnosis of wear patterns in centrifugal slurry pumps - What your pump would tell you if it could speak

In a mineral processing plant, the slurry pumps are subject to wear due to erosion, abrasion and corrosion. The worn parts that you remove from service can provide a wealth of information about the operating conditions of the pump. 

4. Understanding three different types of crusher maintenance

We have listed three completely different types of crusher maintenance that must be thoroughly understood regardless of the crusher type being used. Implementing a preventive and predictive maintenance program is a key factor to extending or maximizing your crusher performance.

5. The future of mining 

How should the mining industry react and adapt to the changing operating environment and how to make to the most of it? Read our CDO Jani Puroranta’s post.

6. What you do not see can hurt your mill 

Often, your mill can seem to be running smoothly until a major failure strikes. Here are the top three undetected issues with grinding mills and how to catch them.

7. How to choose control valves 

Control valve requirements often differ depending on the process area, application and end user specifications. Simply repeating what has been done before at similar projects is not a good option. Subtle changes in processes can have serious consequences.

8. Three ways to improve your crushing circuit for increased production 

When it comes time to ramp up production or efficiently adjust your circuit, do you know your options? Here are some critical points to consider when reviewing your three core options: Optimize, Upgrade and Replace.

9. Top 6 design trends in industrial machinery

Population growth, urbanization, emerging middle class, depletion of natural resources, and global warming are instrumental in Metso’s equipment design as in many other industries. As we run through the trends, we give practical examples on how megatrends have contributed to machine design in Metso.

10. Five steps to optimum performance of your crusher’s lubrication system 

When lubrication system maintenance is neglected, rock dust can infiltrate the lube unit and contaminate the oil. At minimum, lube system maintenance checks, inspections or servicing must include these five steps.