Jun 9, 2016 Corporate blog

What’s behind a successful innovation?

Kalle Suurpää
Kalle Suurpää
Vice President of Valve Technology
This year, Metso is one of the Accenture’s Digital Innovation Challenge partners presenting a business challenge to the students. Our target is to get novel and open-minded ideas to create ground-breaking digital solutions.
Experts innovating ideas

Is there a formula for a successful innovation?

In order to be successful and serve customers in their changing needs, all companies need a continuous flow of novel innovations. Innovations can happen in many areas and at many levels, and there is no single formula for a successful innovation. An open and encouraging working environment is elemental for an innovation culture to flourish – and that is something we value at Metso.

Innovation used to be perceived as happening inside the fences of research departments – and with strict confidentiality. This is certainly still valid to some extent, but in the continuously changing and evolving environment the innovation process needs to become more and more open.

In order to achieve the best possible results, there is a growing need for open and collaborative working methods. You need to be innovative with your customers and partners. A good innovation needs especially talented and motivated people with the right attitude, people who are curious, eager to explore, and have a 'don't give up' attitude.

Metso is one of the partners at Accenture's Digital Innovation Challenge

Accenture's Digital Innovation Challenge, the ADIC16, targeted to the most innovative and talented students, offers a novel platform for creating new innovations. It is a great example of how to combine and leverage the knowledge of people with different backgrounds. When fresh, new ideas from different angles are pooled together to create something new, the results are always better.

This year, Metso is one of the ADIC partners presenting a business challenge to the students. Our target is to get novel and open-minded ideas to create ground-breaking digital solutions that will be the answer to our clients' business challenges. The case will be from our Flow Control business, which develops and produces intelligent valves, valve controllers and pumps for various process industries. Valve products vary in size and in the applications they are used in. What makes the Metso valves so special? Their intelligence, their reliability, their precision and safety.

Metso has been leading the industry with its intelligent valve controllers for almost 20 years. Our devices not only control the flow very precisely, they also collect a vast amount of sensor data about the customer's process performance and equipment. All devices are connected to a central server. We have been developing value-adding digital devices for process industry flow control for more than 15 years. And we aim to continue to utilize IoT to its full potential and be in the forefront of the digitalization in this business, too.

The challenge is launched – we are looking forward to working with you

The ADIC16 Digital Innovation Challenge kick-off took place in Helsinki on May 8, and team building can now start. We expect to get a good number of creative ideas from the participants taking up the Metso challenge in the competition. The best proposals will be presented at the SLUSH event in Helsinki in the beginning of December.

Looking forward to your input! Stay tuned for our challenge!

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