Sep 20, 2019 Corporate blog

My experience: living and working in Tampere, Finland

Heta Laajalahti
Heta Laajalahti
Marketing & Communications Specialist
Four months ago, it was time to pack my bags and move to Tampere from Jyväskylä. My new job as a Summer Trainee in Marketing and Communications was about to begin in a few days. New city, new job – exciting times were ahead.

When writing this, it’s the beginning of September and Autumn is almost around the corner. Four months have now passed since I started working here in Metso, and I must say that time has passed quickly!  It’s time to look back what those four months have involved and what I have experienced and learned while living and working here in Tampere.

New city, new people

Moving to Tampere was very easy as the city was already familiar for me as I have friends living here and I have visited the city many times. New people have also warmly welcomed me here in Tampere and I have also begun to feel at home in my new city. My Eastern Finnish dialect and origins seem to be the hottest topic every time I meet new people, which I really love (who wouldn’t love to speak about their background?!).

Living in beautiful Tampere

I have really loved Tampere and all the opportunities that the city provides. There is really something to do almost every day! Tampere provides excellent sports opportunities, beautiful nature and all kind of events for every taste.

My favorite place is Hatanpään arboretum and the park around it. Luckily, I can walk or cycle to work through Hatanpää every day and admire the beautiful landscape before starting my workday.

New field of business

Before I came to Metso, I had no idea about aggregates business. I only knew that it was something to do with rocks and that I would work among marketing and communications, update our social media and websites and produce content for our channels. However, I have really loved to learn about the aggregates business, and I have found myself really fascinated by our products and their operations. I think Lokotrack is my favorite product!

My work as marketing and communication trainee

Metso has provided me valuable opportunities to work among marketing and communication. I have managed our digital marketing channels, updated marketing material, produced content for our channels and participated in many projects regarding different marketing campaigns and even got my own campaign project as well. Taking responsibility for planning and implementing campaigns and other marketing operations has truly taught me about marketing and communication and really developed me towards becoming an expert in my field. Also, working in a global company has been an educational experience.

People are the best

What I love the most in Metso is the people. During my time at Metso I have truly felt that I have found my place here. Everyone that I have met is friendly and supportive and always ready to help me if needed. I have found myself laughing together with colleagues almost every day and that is what I really appreciate in a workplace.

We provide various opportunities for students
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