Jun 7, 2016 Corporate blog

Welcome to the world of Metso Young Visionaries

Minna Hiltula
Minna Hiltula
Trainee, HR
This post marks the start of the Metso Young Visionaries blog 2016. In this post Minna tells about her experience as an HR Trainee.
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As an international company of nearly 12,000 employees, we at Metso probably have as many different kinds of interesting jobs as we have people – and that is a lot. Therefore, we have gathered a group of young Metso professionals from different locations and job roles to share their experiences and insights on Metso with you. In the upcoming posts, we will offer you a sneak peek into the everyday working lives of our young employees around the world. I will co-ordinate the blog series this year, and will kick things off by sharing my experiences at Metso with you.

HR with a global twist

I work as an HR trainee in Metso’s Global HR at our Helsinki office. Even though I work in Finland, I actually work with colleagues located all over the world. In 51 countries, to be exact. Working with colleagues from different locations and cultures is an absolute pleasure, and in addition to having challenging tasks and great colleagues at work, it is an aspect that really makes my work enjoyable.

A normal work day for me starts by (in addition to enjoying my daily eight o’clock caffeine fix) going through my emails. Because we operate in many different time zones, I usually get a lot of morning reads in my inbox overnight. During the day I usually have several meetings with both internal and external stakeholders: rushing with a laptop between my own work station and various meeting rooms here at the Helsinki office is a normal part of my daily agenda. Sometimes I commute to Metso’s Lokomo location in Tampere, where half of my team is actually located. Because the distances between colleagues can geographically be quite long, we do a lot of video conferencing. Despite this, though, one can always count on getting an answer and a friendly greeting in no time.

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A major part of my time has been spent on coordinating parts of an organization-wide, global employee engagement survey project. Being in a core team in a project like this, I have had the opportunity to work with other departments in-house as well as external partners, in addition to working with HR. This has been an excellent learning experience. I have been given a lot of responsibilities and sub-projects of my own and have been able to have my say in developing the process. This is something I especially appreciate in my work at Metso: it seems there are always possibilities to develop oneself and explore new things by taking on new tasks and participating in diverse in-house trainings. We are now nearing the results-sharing and action-planning phase of the project. Today, for example, I will have a meeting where we will share information with our local HR on how to utilize the survey results globally in all Metso teams. We will have participants from North America, South America, Australia, Europe as well as China and South East Asia. 

I have to admit that I was more than positively surprised by the warm and tight-knit working environment at Metso. Despite the size of the organization, it has the feel of a small company. A good working environment is not always a given in an organization of this size. There is no doubt that one of the reasons behind this is the way HR and the processes are arranged. As a young professional in the field, it is great to see the positive effects of one’s field of work in action.  



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