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Improve safety, reduce maintenance

In August 2020, Metso Outotec closed the acquisition of the Australia-based fastening systems and wear monitoring technology provider Davies Wear Plate Systems, to extend its wear lining portfolio and capabilities. Davies’ solutions optimize safety and maintenance for change-outs of wear plates in the mining industry.

Improved safety

Fewer hot work situations, less exposure to confined spaces.

Increased uptime

Quick change-outs and long wear life means less maintenance.

Ease of access

Eliminating all external access requirements.

Reduced labor costs

Reduced downtime, improved wear utilization and lower operational cost per ton.

The acquired technology includes fasteners with a unique locking mechanism.
Innovation and technical expertise

The acquired technology includes fasteners with a unique locking mechanism that does not require traditional studs and nuts and thus enables faster and safer maintenance work.

Davies Wear Plate Systems’ portfolio also includes wear monitoring technology, which provides a real-time forecast of wear and expected liner change-out timing. The monitoring solution can be fitted to any metallic or ceramic liner, independent of attachment systems.

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A fastener that enables wear lining change-outs from the wear side only. EzyLock™ has 100% fewer nuts and no on-site hot works are required.




A “nutless” fastener with a unique locking mechanism. Taper-T™ Is replaced from the easy-to-access wear side only, which speeds up maintenance.




Unique D-shaped bolt that eliminates the need for studs. D-Lock™ is long-lasting and easy to use resulting in less maintenance and safer operations.




No more struggling to remove nuts that, over time, are near impossible to get off, and then resorting to cutting them off with an oxy torch. RemLock™ nut solves this issue and enables safer and faster liner change-outs.




Monitors wear in real time and tells you when to change the liners. WearSense™ can be fitted to any metallic or ceramic liners independent of attachment systems.

Davies’ solutions match perfectly to Metso Outotec’s wear lining offering.
A perfect match

The comprehensive range of patented wear solutions developed by Davies is specifically designed to reduce wear related maintenance costs, increase uptime and improve safety for every wear plate change-out.

The Davies’ solutions match perfectly to Metso Outotec’s wear lining offering – now the company has the market’s widest range of optimized wear protection solutions, tools and services.

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