Finland 100

Metso joins the celebration for Finland’s centenary

Independent Finland 100 years

Metso joins the celebration as an official partner company of Finland’s centenary program. Our Finland 100 Years projects focus on our knowledge and solutions aimed at building the future. We want to help ensure the sufficiency of Earth’s natural resources by promoting industrial innovations and choices that support the responsible use thereof. Together we can make a difference in how and to what extent we utilize our unique, non-renewable natural resources.
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Official program partner

The centenary year is celebreated throughout the year with a Finland 100 program built around the theme together. Metso joins the program as an official partner.

Our gift to Finland

We donate EUR 1 million to three Finnish universities

We are donating EUR 1 million to Finnish universities, with a particular objective of promoting the development of technological education as well as scientific research and its application in practice. The radical changes brought about by digitalization and the related opportunities, as well as new technologies, provide us with versatile tools for building a more sustainable future for all of us.

We participate in Museum of Technology's new exhibition on Finnish industry

We want to promote innovation and choices in the industry so that natural resources can be utilized more and more responsibly. It is important to understand how minerals and the process industry are connected to the construction of modern society and how the circular economy works. The new permanent exhibition showcases the role of industry, technical innovations and accumulated knowledge as building blocks of the modern society. Together, we can contribute to the responsible use of natural resources, e.g. by minimizing the amount of water and energy required to utilize them.

We support the work of WWF Finland and John Nurminen Foundation

We support the work to protect the Saimaa ringed seal in cooperation with WWF Finland, and we promote the improvement of the state of the Baltic Sea through the John Nurminen Foundation. While these sponsorship targets are essentially Finnish in nature, they are also very topical on the global scale. An endangered species, the Saimaa ringed seal is only found in Finland. Clean water is a critical factor for the future of humankind and all living things.

Our Finland 100 Years projects are focused on building future competencies and tackling the challenges of today.

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Our history
We have been part of Finnish industrial history for more than a hundred years. Internationally, our roots extend to the 19th century. In 2018, we celebrate our 150th anniversary.
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Our vision is to be the best choice for sustainable processing and flow of natural resources. Find out how our customers have been able to reduce, for example, energy and water consumption and emissions.
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For over 100 years we have focused on making the big difference to our customers. Achieving great things together with them. This is our story. A story of knowledge, people and solutions coming together, to benefit our customers. This is the Metso Way.