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Why Metso OEM parts?

When choosing parts, you are deciding about the lifespan of your machinery. Your goal is a longer part life, with few - if any - maintenance needs. In this sense, choosing the right part becomes more than essential to a long operating time. OEM parts and services by Metso help you OEMpower your process with the right fit and function, high safety, a trustworthy warranty, access to expertise, and lower total costs. Using genuine parts is an investment in your whole process.
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5 reasons to choose Metso OEM parts

Fit and function

Metso OEM parts are designed to fit and function 100%. From installation to eventual replacement, you will receive the optimum performance out of each part, giving you increased uptime, higher reliability, lower maintenance costs, and better personnel protection.


Your personnel are your most valuable resource, and the safety of their working environment must always come first. Metso’s long-lasting parts and maintenance tools are carefully designed with one thing in mind – to ensure stable and safe operation.


Should any issue arise, Metso not only stands behind your machine and parts, but we can also provide the knowledge and support to have your machine up and running again in no time.


To get the most out of your machine, it is important to use the right parts, understand how the machine works, and carry out preventive and predictive maintenance.

Lower total costs

One of the keys to maximizing throughput and reducing operating costs is to ensure that machine uptime is high. Longer lifetime of parts directly reduces the cost per tonne.

"Sometimes the purchase price has made it impossible not to try a product, but I have been disappointed one too many times. Now I want products we can trust - good quality with the right fit that last a long time."
Fredrik Råbom, Production Manager at Råsjö Kross, Sweden