A perfect match

Metso Rock Breaker Solutions for primary crushing stations

Just a few minutes of downtime a day can cause truck loads of money lost in a year.

Learn how Metso Rock Breaker could help you to cut black belt time in your primary crushing process.
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Remove the cumulative effect of small breakages

Site capacity: 500 tons per hour
End-product price: EUR7 per ton
Primary crusher downtime/day caused by blockage: 5-10 minutes

EVEN UP TO EUR150,000 worth of lost production/year

Unstoppable together

Engineered to match your Nordberg® C Series jaw crusher, Metso Rock Breaker is the most efficient way to clear the crusher cavity from blockages and build-ups quickly and safely, without stopping the primary crushing process.

Make work safer

Metso Rock Breaker has the remote control as standard feature. When operating it, you do not need to go into close proximity to the crusher and you can have the best location for getting good visibility into the crusher gravity.

Your primary crusher

Your boom match

Boom reach

Your hammer match

Hammer weight

Hydraulic power unit

Nordberg® C80 / C96 / C106 / C116


3,0 m (9’ 10”)


300-400 kg (660-880 lbs)

18 kW (25 hp)

Nordberg® C120 / C130


3,5 m (11’ 6”)


400-550 kg (880-1 210 lbs)

18 kW (25 hp)

Nordberg® C150


4,3 m (14’ 2”)


1 100 kg (2 420 lbs)

30 kW (40 hp)

Nordberg® C160


6,5 m (21’ 5”)


1 100 kg (2 420 lbs)

30 kW (40 hp)

Nordberg® C200


6,7 m (22’ 1”)


1 750 kg (3 850 lbs)

37 kW (50 hp)

SUPERIOR® Primary Gyratory


10,5 m (34’ 7”)


2 200 kg (4 840 lbs)

55 kW (74 hp)


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Metso Rock Breaker - A perfect match. Watch it in action!