Minimize more – move less...

No more rearranging unmanageable waste. Our Pre- and FineShredders ’eat’ everything and leave it in sizes down to 10 mm.

M&J shredders are well thought out from top to bottom. This guarantees you the highest safety, durability and reliability on the market. We have stationary and mobile PreShredders in all capacities making it easier than ever before to process all kinds of waste in almost any location.

Why move unmanageable waste around when you can make life so much easier by cutting it down to practical sizes?

Meet our PreShredders

Our shredding technology is based on an extremely aggressive knife design and an open cutting table. These distinct technical advantages ensure that our shredders provide an outstanding performance when dealing with mixed and challenging materials such as solid steel, reinforced concrete and rocks.

  • Outstanding performance with any type of material
  • Throughput as high as 100 tons/hour
  • Crawlers make it possible to move during operation
  • Low loading height and good access to the cutting table
  • Easy to use with intuitive remote control and touchscreen
  • Created to perform under the toughest conditions


M&J PreShredder mobile  and stationary



Meet our FineShredders

We work with companies in different segments of the recycling business such as incineration, hazardous waste, waste-to-energy, recycling, landfills, cement production and RDF. Our range of FineShredders has been developed to serve the needs in the recycling industry and work with either a pusher or two shaft self-feeding systems.

  •  Homogeneous output from 10-100 mm
  • Minimal amount of fine particles
  • Minimal dust emissions
  • No heat generation
  • Easy maintenance

M&J FineShredder single and double shaft 



“We chose the M&J PresShred 4000 because it showed superior performance and could be tailored to our needs. At the same time it is flexible and can be deployed where we need it.”Jonathan Light, Light Bros, Britain


Let’s show you how it works

To supply you and your business with the best shredder solution we always do our best to understand your current situation and your future needs. Contact us today if you would like more information about a free onsite demonstration.


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Jens Peter Martensen, General Sales Manager

Phone: 0 7341 885 553


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