You think razor blades are sharp?

Then meet the M&J K-series of waste pre shredders

Not into hard work? Leave it to the M&J K-series of pre shredders

Superior performance: The new M&J K-series of pre shredders are manufactured by applying the outstanding Metso technology and quality - tested to the max through decades.

Higher capacity: A wide range of knife types is available, making it easy to match your specific requirements and waste types.

Unbeatable up-time: Improved shaft geometry reduces the risk of wrapping around the shafts, resulting in less bridging, stops and cleaning time.

Easy maintenance: Modular constructions ensure that only relevant components need to be maintained, giving them a longer average lifetime.

Low costs: Both shredders have robust and simple constructions that are easy to access, making maintenance fast and the costs low.

Easy feeding: The open cutting table design makes feeding easier and provides stable, continuous production with less manpower.

Powerful versatility: The shredders unique versatility makes it possible to shred most waste types - even challenging materials.

Get ready for

Get ready for
Less complexity
Less maintenance
Less pre-sorting
Less running costs

You’ll get
Maximum quality
Maximum performance
Maximum up-time
Maximum flexibility

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