Valuable insight at your fingertips

Complete overview of your waste shredders' condition

Your benefits

Continuously improve your operations
With detailed diagnostics you can analyse and compare trends over time for a wide range of process and machine parameters.

Improve maintenance planning
For the stationary waste pre-shredders and fine-shredders, Metso Metrics provides you directly with information about when “Service Is Due” and when “Hard Facing Is Due” helping you plan and ensure productive uptime while minimising downtime.

Improve utilisation rates
Ensure your equipment is used in the most profitable way. Metso Metrics clearly displays waste shredder utilisation, including working time and idle time.

See shredder status at a glance
Metso Metrics makes planning preventive maintenance easy. The intuitive Health Index shows the current overall health status of your shredder.

Resolve issues faster
Clear, informative alarms help resolve issues faster. Each alarm gives a complete overview of the situation, as well as helpful information to resolve it.

Supervise your whole fleet in one place
Review your whole fleet in one simple view. With Metso Metrics you can check each connected waste shredder in every location whenever it suits you.

What do customer say?

“Being able to see live and historical data means it is used as an educational and operational tool as well as fault diagnosis which can be identified quickly.”

Craig Stansfield, Managing Director, Core Industrial Solutions Ltd