October 2, 2018, 10AM-6PM
Finland and Sweden

Showing how it works

A waste pre-shredder on wheels toured some 20 customers in Finland and Sweden in September for demonstrations on how it works. Having the chance to see the Metso M&J PreShred 4000 pre-shredder in action with their own eyes gives customers a better picture of its capability in the processing of different types of waste.

“Test demonstrations held at customers’ facilities are an essential part of marketing pre-shredders. When the material to be shredded is always different, you only need a brief demonstration to convince the customer of the machine’s shredding power,” says Henning Nørgaard, the Area Sales Manager in charge of Metso’s waste crushers and shredders in the Nordic countries. 

“Typically, the material that needs shredding consists of, say, construction waste that needs to be reduced to a size of perhaps 300 mm before sorting and incineration. The heavy-duty model now on the road allows for shredding up to 60 tonnes of waste in an hour,” says Nørgaard.

Park the shredder and get to it

The people in the area of in Lahti, Finland, waste no time when Metso’s demonstration truck arrives on site. Piet de Wit, who is operating the machine, parks the M&J shredder in a suitable place, switches on the robust 400 kW diesel engine and lowers the downstream conveyors into position.

The shredding demonstration begins as the waste plant’s excavator scoops mixed construction waste – wood, plastic, mattresses and even CDs – on the shredder’s cutting table. The knives rotated by the two rotors shred the waste into much smaller pieces. There is no question of the machine not being up to the job, as there is 320 bars of hydraulic pressure rotating the blades. The machine consumes 45–70 liters of fuel an hour.

The downstream conveyor carries the crushed and shredded waste to the heap, where the loader operator can move the energy waste ready for sorting out of the way without interruptions.

“A robust shredder with plenty of capacity”

Sami Leppänen, Production Supervisor at Päijät-Hämeen Jätehuolto, follows the demonstration closely.

“It’s easy to see how strong Metso’s machine is. It runs without hiccups even if you load the feeding table full of material. There’s also ample capacity. In our use, the number of cutters could be reduced so that there wouldn’t be as much fine material destined for sorting,” says Leppänen.

“We won’t run out of material to be processed any time soon, given that we handle around 15,000 tonnes of construction waste a year. After the shredding, the automated sorting line separates wood, plastic and metal from the rest of the mass, for recycling and incineration.”

“M&J PreShred 4000 is our game changer in Finland”

In Finland, Metso’s waste crushers and shredders are sold and serviced by Several Oy, whereas in Sweden, customer responsibility lies with Metso’s sales companies.

“We’ve sold about 20 pieces of this model to Finland, half of them for fixed applications and the other half for trailer versions. Our customers are made up of power plants, contractors and waste management companies,” says Several’s Sales Engineer Tero Tirkkonen.

“The demand for Metso’s crushers and shredders is increasing right now. EU legislation requires all waste collected to waste treatment plants to be sorted and recycled. When the heaps fill up, you need to go shopping for a crusher or shredder,” adds Tirkkonen.

On tour from Varkaus to Trelleborg

After an hour’s demonstration, the M&J PreShred 4000 is hitched back on the truck. The journey continued and when reaching Sweden, the journey will turn southward and travel all the way down to Trelleborg.