How we operate

Metso's management and our integrated operating model

Governing bodies of Metso

President and CEO

The President and CEO manages Metso’s operations in accordance with the Finnish Companies Act, corporate governance rules and the instructions given by the Board. The President and CEO is appointed – and, if necessary, dismissed – by the Board, and he reports to the Board about, Metso’s financial situation, business environment and other significant issues. The President and CEO prepares the matters on the agenda of the Board and its committees and implements their decisions. Additionally, the President and CEO acts as Chairman of the Metso Executive Team (MET).

Metso Executive Team (MET)

The President and CEO and other members appointed by the Board on the President and CEO’s proposal constitute the Metso Executive Team. The MET assists the President and CEO in the preparation of matters, such as business plans, strategy, policies and other matters of joint importance.