Credit facilities

Metso uses a variety of credit facilities to finance its operations in the short and long run.

The objective of Metso's debt financing is to safeguard ongoing business operations and to optimize the cost of capital. As part of our strategy, our goal is to maintain an investment grade rating. The Group Treasury has the objective to secure the availability of funds for operations and capital expenditure, including acquisitions, and to arrange funding at competitive terms and conditions and from several different sources. Group Treasury is responsible for relationships with banks and other financial institutions.

EUR 1,500 million EMTN Programme
Revolving credit facility
EUR 500 million Commercial paper program

Metso is credit rated by Standard & Poor's on a frequent basis. They assign Metso with long- and short-term ratings together with an outlook statement. Metso was rated by Moody’s until September 21, 2015. If Moody's continues to rate Metso's existing outstanding bonds, these ratings will be based on publicly available information only.


Standard & Poor's rating


Long-term rating


Short-term rating



Standard & Poor's rating history
Moody's rating history