Investor contacts and info

Investor contacts

Regarding inquiries and meeting requests, you can send an email to

Visiting address: Metso Corporation, Töölönlahdenkatu 2, FI-00100 Helsinki, Finland

Postal address: Investor Relations, Metso Corporation, PO Box 1220, 00101 Helsinki, Finland

Juha Rouhiainen

Vice President, Investor Relations
Tel. +358 20 484 3253
Email to Juha Rouhiainen

IR principles at Metso

Mission and goals

The main mission of Investor Relations at Metso is to support the correct valuation of Metso’s share by giving information on matters concerning Metso’s operations and operating environment, strategy, objectives and financial situation, so that capital market participants can form a balanced view of Metso as an investment.

Metso Investor Relations is also responsible for gathering and analyzing market information and investor feedback to be used by Metso’s management and Board of Directors.

The goal of Metso Investor Relations is to provide correct, adequate and up-to-date information regularly and impartially to all market participants. The work aims at promptness, transparency and good service.

Mode of operation

Metso's Investor Relations is responsible for investor communications as well as daily contacts in cooperation with Corporate Communications. All investor requests are processed centrally through Investor Relations.

In addition to financial reports and Internet pages, Metso’s investor communications are involved with investor meetings and seminars in which Corporate executives participate actively. Metso’s senior management and Investor Relations meet investors and analysts according to the following main principles:

  • The President and CEO meets with investors and analysts that have been met previously, and know Metso’s businesses and the market well. Mainly, the CEO meets with groups, large owners and analysts that cover Metso.
  • The CFO meets with investors and analysts that have been met previously and who are familiar with Metso's businesses and the market.
  • Investor Relations meets with investors who have basic knowledge of the company but have not been previously met. IR can arrange conference calls prior to meetings. In addition, IR is always present when senior management meets with investors and analysts.

Meetings are arranged as best fit schedules.

Metso also arranges Capital Markets Day -events for investors and analysts. Business and other management does not normally meet with investors apart from the Capital Markets Day.

Silent period

Metso is not in contact with capital market representatives during a period of  21 days prior to the publication of its annual, half-year or interim financial results.

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