Building our customer success

We offer environmentally efficient and safe products, solutions and services to achieve customer success. We focus on customer’s value creation through close partnership and cooperation.

Customer success

We work in close partnership with our customers in order to offer them sustainable solutions to their challenges. We are close to our customers, we listen to their needs, and we always put their interests at the center of our work.

Our customers are expecting sustainable technology with added value. We see that advanced technology and the ability to improve the performance of our customers’ processes are the key drivers for our future success.

Sustainable solutions

We continuously focus on research and development to provide customers with the best and most suitable technologies. We work closely with our customers to solve their challenges, and we bring sustainable solutions to help them improve their performance. Our capability to provide our customers with leading technologies is the bedrock for sustainable growth.

Services is at the core of our business, and 65% of our sales in 2017 came from services. We bring added value by solving our customers’ challenges with our people, knowledge and solutions. We drive our customers’ growth through improved plant availability, reliability and safety, while reducing costs by increasing resource efficiency and minimizing environmental impacts. As an example, Metso’s Life-Cycle Services solution can include streamlined start-up, wear parts optimization, efficient shutdown management and effective day-to-day maintenance.

Metso has a wide eco-efficient product portfolio that ensures cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable products and process solutions. With environmental legislation continuously becoming tighter, the product requirements in the areas of sustainability, the use of energy and water, and materials efficiency are becoming increasingly complex. Metso has a strong background in this area and its existing product portfolio, investments in R&D and market developments will likely create new business opportunities. For instance we have products, which consume up to 50% less energy than traditional ball mills used to crush hard materials in mines around the world.

We aim to develop our mid-market product offering by aligning our research and development efforts and resources globally to ensure eco-efficient products that reduce the need for raw materials, water and energy. We are continuing to develop technology that is applicable for the growth markets and is responsible to the increasing importance of environmental sustainability. We also continuously look for new business opportunities and strengthen our service business.

Please visit Customer Results Showroom or Annual Review and Sustainability Supplement 2017 for case examples.

Research and development

Our ambition is to maintain our technology leadership with cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable products, solutions and services. Our research and technology development (R&D) activities focus on several important areas of sustainability, such as energy and raw materials efficiency, utilization of renewable and recycled raw materials, advanced process control technology and new service solutions. Our R&D activities are based on cooperation with customers and research institutes and universities.

Based on conducted Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), the total environmental impacts of our products are generated when the products are in use. Because most of our products have a very long life cycle, we concentrate on developing sustainable solutions that reduce customers’ resource needs and mitigate their environmental impacts.

Metso has an innovation process to manage our research and development activities. In 2016 in the corporate level we started to follow the amount of R&D projects that have set environmental and/or product safety innovation targets as well as started to develop a solid verification of the reached target levels. In 2017, 84 percent of all of Metso research and development projects had sustainability targets
for projects; 74 percent of projects had environmental targets and 49 percent had safety targets.

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Case example

The revolutionary two-in-one Lokotrack LT220D crushing and screening plant has enjoyed worldwide sales success since its launch in 2014. The Norwegian contractor Finsveen Maskin AS was among the very first companies worldwide to start operating the new plant. Now after crushing and screening some quarter of a million tons of aggregates, Finsveen Maskin is able to verify that the LT220D really does boost production and significantly lower fuel consumption.

Metso also successfully reduced the weight of the new unit by about 10 tons compared to the old model. The fact that the lightweight model can easily be transported as one piece gives it a big advantage in crushing contracting.

"The figures verified by us are very convincing. The LT220D cone crushing plant increases output by 25% while reducing fuel consumption by 40% compared to its predecessor the LT110TM cone plant."

-Runar Finsveen, Manager of Finsveen Maskin AS, Norway

Product safety

The safety of Metso products is one of the key drivers in our product development. Metso’s product safety procedures consider all aspects relevant to the safe installation, operation, service and maintenance of the products. Metso's products are designed to meet all relevant standards, norms and directives in the respective countries of delivery.

We are constantly focusing more closely on tracking the development of product safety at the Group-level. The whole life cycle of a product must be considered in product safety. It is fundamental for our product design that our products are safe to operate and maintain. Another important aspect is to train our customers on the safe use of our products. Hazardous materials in products and operations are covered in our internal HSE audits.

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