Human rights

Our policies and commitment create the foundation for our approach in respecting the rights of the people that are employed in our value chain and in the communities around our businesses. We have already integrated human rights in Metso values, assessments, processes and procedures. Metso’s Internal Audit visits all Metso locations regularly and is responsible for reporting any human rights offences it finds.

We want to promote equal opportunities and diversity among our employees. Supply chain human rights are a globally recognized challenge and something that Metso takes very seriously. Metso has a global network of thousands of suppliers, and we have to make sure that they commit to the same high standards that we have set for ourselves.

Deepening our knowledge on human rights Metso is working to avoid causing or contributing to adverse human rights impacts that are directly or indirectly associated with our operations. Our ambition to respect human rights in our operations  sharpens our focus on creating enhanced Metso-wide operating principles and a sustainability culture.

In 2015 we have started executing the Human Rights impact assessment against the UN Guiding principles on Human Rights. We conducted a gap analysis against the guiding principles as well as a labor assessment in six countries that were considered more riskier on human rights issues. We will continue with our assessment and report on the results later on.

We also conduct a yearly risk mapping in which we seek to identify riskier component suppliers from sustainability point of view. One of the important criteria used in our risk mapping is human rights. There suppliers are audited with the help of a third party.