Community involvement cases

Examples of our social, cultural and wellness related activities:

As a local company and employer, we develop and maintain many social, cultural and wellness related activities that are initiated by our local staff and management.

Metso and Plan cooperation in India

Metso and Plan International (Finland) launched the Metso Alwar School WASH (Water, Sanitation and Health) Project in India in 2012, a joint program to provide education in water and sanitation issues and to construct clean drinking water and sanitation facilities. In the Alwar area, which has relatively low literacy levels, this program will help to increase school enrollment and attendance and will lead to lower drop-out rates, especially among adolescent girls. In this first phase in 2012-2015 there were about 1,500 girls, 1,400 boys and 90 teachers in 15 schools, as well as 3,500 families indirectly as primary beneficiaries.

In the second phase started in 2015 the schools participating in the project will receive proper teaching facilities, and the teachers will receive training to ensure quality teaching. To improve learning outcomes, science and math classrooms will be established. Modern information technology will be used in teaching, and the schools will also have libraries. Over a four-year period, the project will reach about 8,000 girls and boys in 25 schools.

In Alwar, Metso has a sizeable metal workshop unit called Metso Park, and therefore the cooperation with Plan, their local partner organizations and local authorities is well founded.


Employment of disabled persons

Metso Brazil has implemented an extensive program based on national legislation to promote equal opportunities for new employees with a disability. By recruiting disabled persons, Metso Brazil is also changing the organizational culture by enhancing openness and freedom of prejudice. Work teams are prepared to integrate these new professionals into the work community.

Metso Cultural

In 2005 Metso started the Metso Cultural program in Sorocaba, Brazil, with the goal to promote culture for the Sorocaba community by sponsoring theater, classical music and Brazilian popular music. The project is materialized according to Rouanet Law principles, which encourage cultural investments that can be used by firms and citizens to help finance cultural projects. This law makes possible to deduct a certain percentage of the investment from the income tax.

Metso Kids Club

In 2009 Metso’s Sorocaba unit expanded its social responsibility to the families of its staff by starting the Metso Kids Club for the personnel’s children. Metso Kids Club currently has 110 little friends under the age of 12. The main objective is to improve the relationship between parents and children, to promote good citizenship and to participate in building a sustainable society.

Metso Open House

The doors of Metso in Sorocaba, Brazil, as well as in Tampere, Finland, were opened as part of the new company program. Employees’ families can participate in a guided tour and have an opportunity to get to know the company and workplace of their family member. Requests for such tours are received frequently, because it is natural for the people with whom we share our lives, such as our children and spouses, to want to see and learn about what we do at work. A program like Metso Open House brings people closer and is a source of motivation for employees, who take pride in showcasing to their loved ones the results of what they do professionally. The tour program is another action by which Metso wishes to promote the healthy integration between the company, the employees and their families.

Children’s Day

Every year the Children’s Day is celebrated in Brazil. Children’s day includes a lot of activities, such as a party, toys, recreational activities, music, food and drinks for employees’ kids up to 12 years old. In 2015 up to 1000 people participated.

Metso’s health program related to HIV/AIDS

Since 2010 Metso South Africa has run a systematically expanding program for the prevention of HIV/AIDS and for the guidance to treatment and support programs for its local workforce of 1,013 employees. The program has evolved from internal education and voluntary testing to now reaching also spouses, families and suppliers. Today 92% of all our employees know their “HIV status” and 90.5% of our employees living with HIV are registered in a support program.

Metso South Africa was the proud recipient of the SWHAP (Swedish Workplace HIV and AIDS Programme) Achievement Award in 2012 for the Most Comprehensive Programme.

Examples of our youth activities:

Fishing Project, Brazil

Since 1990 Metso has conducted the Fishing Project, Projeto Pescar, which complements the basic education of boys and girls aged 16 to 18 years with vocational training and life skills mentoring. The name was inspired by the proverb “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This vocational training in metal workshop skills is provided in classrooms adjacent to Metso’s Sorocaba facilities. So far about 420 youngsters have participated in the program; Metso also offers employment to some of the trained youngsters and assists others in obtaining employment at other companies. The students come from the poor neighborhoods and, due to their background, are often exposed to risks involving criminality, use of drugs, etc.

SOS Children’s Villages (South Africa)

Metso has for many years supported the SOS Children’s Villages in Vereeniging and Rustenberg, South Africa, through its dedicated Metso houses. A new element was added to the cooperation: Metso supported a training program called “Life Choices” in which 12 adolescents attended classes and mentoring related to five areas: self awareness, our bodies and wellness, protecting our bodies, life choices and consequences, and communication and goals. The Wellness Reality Group was involved in the professional content and teaching.

SOS Children’s Villages (India)

Since 2008 Metso has supported six “Metso Houses” in the Faridabad SOS Children’s Village, the first facility of this kind in India, established already in 1964. The Children’s Village in Faridabad consists of twenty family houses, each with eight to ten children living together with an SOS mother. The SOS mothers are trained to take on the role of the biological parent and to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of the children. Faridabad is located less than an hour drive from Gurgaon, where Metso’s operations in India are headquartered.

Examples of our science, research and education programs:

Beijing Charity Association scholarship awards

Metso provides support to talented Chinese students in the field of mining technology. In cooperation with the Beijing Charity Association, since 2008 Metso has channeled financial support as scholarship awards to students showing outstanding performance. This year the 34 students receiving the scholarships were from Central South University, Northeastern University and the University of Science and Technology Beijing. Our objective is not only to support the individual students who will later serve the industry, but also to contribute to the continuous high-level research and education carried out by the universities.

Enterprise Village (Yrityskylä)

In Finland, Metso supports youth education and prevents social displacement through the Enterprise Village (Yrityskylä) program coordinated by the Economic Information Office. The program targets sixth-grade students. The concept provides a unique way to learn about society, the role of companies and the importance of entrepreneurship. During the one-day Enterprise Village visit, the children play the role of an employee, receive a salary and function as part of society. The program aims to educate children about the working world and the basics of economics and society, as well as their role in it. The program received the Global Best Award in Europe for the most innovative new educational program.

Cooperation with University of Mines and Technology in Ghana

Ghana has a strong tradition in the West African mining business and a key role in education in mining technology. The successful cooperation between Metso and the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT) in Ghana originally started in 2006 but this year was brought to a formal and long-term basis with the parties signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). In addition to joint conferences, seminars, symposia and short-term academic programs, Metso will also have the opportunity to support students who are aiming for PhDs in mining and minerals by taking part in research sponsored by Metso. The supported mining and mineral processing faculty enrolls about 90 students each year, and more than 400 students in total have participated in these programs. Most of the students have ended up in Metso’s clientele mining companies with good feedback from field salespeople whenever they have interaction with them.

As a joint effort, Metso and the university also agree to organize the Biennial International Mining and Mineral conference in Ghana, an event targeting experts throughout West Africa.

Examples of our environmental and nature conservation programs:

WWF Finland

Metso has successfully partnered with WWF Finland for more than ten years. Metso and WWF Finland have collaborated in various campaigns and events related to energy issues, among others. Metso globally participates in the annual WWF Earth Hour campaign and is sending a powerful message for action on the abatement of climate change. Metso continues to apply WWF Green Office practices to reduce energy consumption and waste at the Corporate Office in Helsinki, Finland.