Sponsoring principles

Metso chooses its sponsorship targets based on its strategic objectives – science, research and education, environmental protection and conservation, health and social, culture and arts, as well as youth activities.

To keep the focus in these target areas, we have also introduced other guiding principles to our sponsorship approach, since, as a business-to-business company, we do not allocate resources for sponsorships targeting the general public, unless deemed appropriate for a specific issue.

As we operate globally and in diverse cultures, we sponsor only projects that are universally accepted and respected. The principle of equality also means that we do not sponsor projects or initiatives related to politics or religious worship. For the same reason, we do not sponsor ideological organizations that have values and activities that lack unanimous community support.

We do not sponsor professional sports on a national or international level. Our community involvement projects can, however, include support for local sports as a youth activity or a general recreation activity. We do not sponsor activities that are commonly considered as conflicting with the principles of sustainable development, such as motor sports.

Examples of Metso's sponsorship and donation initiatives