As a global company, Metso constantly engages with different stakeholder groups in various situations. 

Metso constantly engages with different stakeholder groups

For us, it is essential to build an active dialog with different stakeholder groups in order to meet their expectations. Developing our stakeholder dialog has been one of our main targets during recent years, and our focus has been on strengthening the dialog toward external and internal stakeholders. We seek to meet our stakeholders more actively and discuss our sustainability matters with them, in order to be able to take their expectations of us into account even better.

We actively engage our stakeholders in sustainability-related topics, for example, community development and corporate responsibility issues, the development of more efficient processes with reduced environmental impact and the implementation of responsible supply chain management. We support our partners in researching sustainable production technologies and finding new solutions. We also support the sharing of knowledge and expertise within stakeholder groups to raise the awareness of eco-efficient products.

In the future we are going to do more targeted stakeholder engagement to be more agile in response. We want to predict even better what our stakeholders are expecting from us and be able to react to their needs evermore faster.

Metso's stakeholders

Engaging with our stakeholders is a key aspect in Metso’s approach to sustainability. Achieving sustainable growth requires meeting the expectations of our stakeholders. Metso’s stakeholders are entities or individuals that have a moderate impact on our business or that are affected by our activities, products and services, and are presenting us with both risks and opportunities.


Existing and potential employees

We consider our people and their knowledge as one of our competitive advantages, and we have acknowledged Metso people as a high priority in our strategy. To enhance the leadership and competence development of our employees, we have implemented global development portfolios, in which the learning solutions are strongly focused on our 70-20-10 approach. In 2016, we conducted a company-wide employee engagement survey.

Existing and potential customers

Our customer relationships are built on continuous interaction, extensive know-how and long-term commitment. Our ambition is to be the best choice for our customers and a preferred partner in all that we do.

Suppliers and subcontractors

We have a vast supply chain. The cooperation with our suppliers and subcontractors is based on long-term collaboration, operational profitability and future development opportunities resulting from the cooperation. In 2016, we continued with third-party sustainability audits for high- and medium-risk supplier base and organized training for our procurement and supplier quality teams.

Shareholders and investors

Metso is committed to long-term value creation for its shareholders. The continuous dialogue with shareholders helps Metso to develop its sustainable practices and reporting. In 2016 we organized several investor meetings in order to fully understand what sustainability information is most relevant for them. These dialogues resulted into a “Sustainability for investors” webpage in


We actively provide timely and accurate information about Metso for the media.

Research institutes, universities and vocational schools

Due to the nature of our business, we foster continuous cooperation with selected research institutes and universities. Additionally, we create employment opportunities, jobs and trainee positions, and provide lectures and student visits.

Non-governmental organizations, authorities and local communities

We cooperate with non-governmental organizations (NGOs). We have had good cooperation with, e.g., WWF, Plan Finland and SOS Children’s Villages International.

We act as a responsible corporate citizen in the communities we operate in. Having close interaction with local communities and people around our operations is a high priority for us. We support corporate social responsibility initiatives in the communities around our businesses.


Employee engagement

At Metso, we have over 12,000 employees worldwide forming a network of dedicated colleagues. Our success is strongly founded on the knowledge, expertise and skills of our employees. In the Metso strategy our people have a central role and the target is to enhance business growth by enabling engagement and performance. We can reach our goals only with engaged and competent employees. An important building block of engagement is the match between the employee, the job and the organizational culture. Metso’s unique employer brand is at the core of attracting the right kind of people to work with us and in ensuring the continued engagement of our employees.

To enhance the leadership and competence development of our employees, we have implemented global development portfolios, in which the learning solutions are strongly focused on our 70-20-10 approach. Through this learning approach, we emphasize the importance of learning on the job. We seek to develop individual managers and continuously help managers in leading their teams’ performance. Metso takes also social responsibility to the local level by supporting the employment and development of newly graduated young people. We ensure that recruitment is done in a systematic and structured way around the world, and our renewed Performance Review process provides an even better opportunity to tie the team’s and the employees’ targets to the Metso strategy.