Sustainability at Metso

We strongly believe in the value stemming from sustainable business operations, thus sustainability is an integral part of Metso’s strategy.

The way we see it, a company aiming to solve global social and environmental challenges will succeed in the long term and will create value and well-being for all the company’s stakeholders, including society. Finding ways to address sustainability challenges can most certainly give rise to new business opportunities. Metso believes that one of the best ways to promote sustainable development is to innovate technologies and to change current ways of operating. This is how we want to take part in creating a more sustainable future.

We have already seen the benefit of integrating sustainability throughout the value chain of our business. We must manage risks to our reputation and avoid business interruptions, but also seize the opportunities that sustainability presents. By being a good corporate citizen, we enjoy a strong reputation, which makes us an attractive and trustworthy partner and employer. By operating globally in a way that respects local cultures and knowledge while drawing on the diversity of our people, we can build a profitable and enduring company.

Our technological solutions enable our customers to improve their sustainability performance by increasing the energy and materials efficiency of their industrial processes and reducing emissions and water consumption. In line with Metso’s health, safety and environment (HSE) policy, we prioritize the well-being, health and safety of all individuals, and therefore we believe that all workplace accidents can be prevented. We want to foster good sustainability performance and a working environment that attracts talented people to work with us.

Metso's materiality matrix

Description: The matrix displays Metso’s most material topics from the point of view of our stakeholders and business. The horizontal axis represents the topic’s relevance to Metso’s business. The vertical axis represents the topic’s importance for stakeholders. Topics that are located on the right side of the curve are the most material topics chosen for this reporting period. The topics in the matrix have been coded to correspond to the sectors of our sustainability agenda.