Enhancing collaboration through leadership development

Nowadays, we know that the way a team learns, works together and creates new solutions is more important than who are in the team. A topical question is how can we help the teams and networks succeed? Three years ago, we launched Leadership Quest program together with TalentMiles. This development program combines hands-on learning with the latest technology.

”For us it is important that development programs have positive and concrete impact on the way we work every day. Leadership Quest has a very powerful approach; participants learn by exploring, experiencing and reflecting,” explain Tiina Vuorenmaa and Miia Taanila from Metso HR.

Metso has now completed five Leadership Quest programs for managers. So far 125 leaders from all over the Metso world have participated in the program. These programs have received very positive feedback from the participants, and the number of applicants for the program continues to be high. The participants really appreciate the fact that they have gained courage to ask for feedback on continuous basis and they have also learnt a lot from their colleagues across the organization. In addition, engaging team and network members actively by asking insightful questions has become an integrated part of their daily work.

What does then characterize the program concept? “You could say that the basic idea is to learn how to learn. Learning requires both reflection and action,” explains TalentMiles co-founder Bo-Magnus Salenius.

The development program starts with a three-day kick-off workshop called 'FutureWorks', where all participants from different Metso locations meet face-to-face. After that they commit to a six-month personal learning path that is carried out through an online web application. “With 20+ years of experience in face-to-face leadership training I must say I’m even a bit surprised at how much support the app actually provides,” says Salenius.

Through the app, participants receive leadership assignments such as asking for feedback from a colleague, making an inspirational video for their team and solving business challenges collaboratively by using digital tools. In addition, the app contains certain gamification elements, which motivate users to complete the assignments.

Although much of the learning is supported online, participants are not left alone. A Learning Coach follows their progress, answers their questions and gives them feedback. Participants also give feedback to one another and they can follow the progress of the other participants, which naturally gives an extra boost to their own motivation.

“What I like about the Metso Leadership Quest is the fact that it is integrated into the day-to-day work giving the participants the needed tools to act in the fast-changing world,” Taanila says. “The development program helps the participants learn how to find the answers together with their colleagues.”

Feedback from the participants:

“The assignments themselves were really good and challenging. The learning material (podcasts, TED Talks and articles) was very relevant throughout the whole learning journey. Some of the tasks were uncomfortable but forced me to push through the discomfort and get the job done. The feedback on each task submission was useful too. Some of it got me thinking more deeply about the tasks and challenged my views.”

“The most important thing I have learned is that this program doesn’t hold you from doing your job. It is an extension to your job, it is complementary. I loved the way it triggered my curiosity. I also admit that it made me urge for more.”

“This program makes you reflect on your own actions and behaviors. It challenges you to act, think, behave in a way that you become an inspirational worker in your company.”

“The learning journey has been a success for me and I know now much better what to focus on for my own development, and modern team leadership. Metso Leadership Quest is a Highly recommended program by me. A positive mindset development is the program result for me. Thanks!”