It all begins with active personal involvement – curiosity. Why can’t things be done differently: better, or maybe more simply? Over the years, curiosity builds knowledge. We utilize knowledge and a hands-on attitude to make the big difference to our customers. Be part of a friendly and professional team in a global workplace. With us, you will be working with world-leading process industry solutions in a result-driven and respectful culture.

A result driven and respectful culture

We know that every single one of us can make a difference and it all begins with our own hands-on attitude and curiosity. We are constantly looking for ways to do things better, or maybe more simply. We believe that the this kind of curiosity builds knowledge.​ At Metso we discuss openly and and do what we say. This is how we make things happen.


A global workplace where teams are working together​

Be part of our friendly and professional team in a global workplace. We have a truly global working environment with 13,000 colleagues across 50 countries. Our passionate people seek and share ideas, knowledge and better ways of working together. We are equal, open and fair with each other. We believe we can all drive our own learning and career development.

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World leading solutions driving customer success​

With us, you are working with world-leading process industry solutions driving customer success. We are proud of our high-quality products, services and solutions and we are dedicated to being forerunners in safety and sustainability.​ Over the years we have established a strong global market position and we continue to seek growth opportunities through innovations and digitalization. At Metso, our customers are at the heart of everything we do.


Our values

Our values Driving customer success, seeking innovations, performing together, and respecting each other, are at the core of our work and they guide us in how we work together. Read more about Metso values

Equal workplace

We promote equal opportunities and non-discrimination and value diversity in all of our operations. Our Code of Conduct guides our way, and in our recruitment, we select and appoint employees based on their personal qualifications and skills for the job. We do not engage in or support discrimination in hiring, compensation, training opportunities, promotion, termination of employment, or retirement based on, but not limited to, race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation. We appreciate diversity in our employees’ background, talent, insight, education and experience, and believe this contributes to our success and sustainability by enhancing innovativeness, flexibility and the ability to communicate with our stakeholders. We promote equal opportunities and raise awareness among our employees, customers and suppliers in the local communities.

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Employee engagement

The excellent results of Metso’s employee engagement survey PeoplePulse in 2018 clearly show that we have a work community where employees can grow as professionals, learn from one another and feel empowered. 87% of Metso people globally answered the survey, out of all responses 88% feel strongly engaged in their work and to Metso as an organization. The survey results indicate that our people feel their work is challenging and fulfilling. It provides them an opportunity to develop and grow as professionals, and work with leading technology solutions offered to our customers. In addition, people enjoy working with a global network of colleagues where people truly support and respect each other.

However, the survey is much more than a method to measure work atmosphere. By getting everyone involved, it is an important tool for each team to develop their daily work. They can actively utilize the results for developing their way of working. They are responsible for implementing changes in their daily work and following up on them.

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Our global working environment offers a wide range of exciting and challenging opportunities for personal and professional growth and development. Our people are encouraged to use opportunities to grow and develop their professional skills. Our internal career opportunities are made visible to all. We aim to provide our people challenging work that provides constant opportunities for learning. Personal interests, motivation and career goals and everybody’s individual strengths and competencies are at the center of our career development and career planning. 

Continuous feedback

We believe in continuous feedback and communication. Our managers and employees are encouraged to have regular Performance & Development Discussions throughout the year. In discussions employee and his/her manager concentrate on future performance and development. The goal is to inspire employees to do their best in a way that supports both employee’s personal and professional development and our business. 

Career paths

We believe in continuous development and learning. We do not have set career paths that everybody follows, instead we continuously build our talent and skills and provide development and promotions opportunities based on employee’s own interests, performance and development aspirations. We are a strong build culture, where people can progress in their careers in different ways and pace. Examples of different career paths of Metso experts

Job rotation

Job rotation offers one of the best possible ways for in job learning. It also offers opportunities for career development at the same time. We communicate internally about all our open positions. A lot of our work is project-based, which makes it easier for people to move from a role to another. Our Performance & Development Discussions also support job rotation, encouraging employees to plan their careers in the long-term and inspiring them to take ownership of their own development.

Leadership development

We believe that good leadership enables results and wellbeing. The way we collaborate and create things together make us successful. We should excel in asking questions, listening to each other and taking other’s opinions and insights into account. This way of working makes each of us as a valuable part of Metso’s story.

Metso leaders have a lot of opportunities to develop their own leadership style. Our international working environment offers rich learning opportunities together with colleagues and team members. In addition, there are around 20 leadership learning solutions available globally which offer both practical tools and food for thoughts to be embedded into the daily work.

Read more about Metso Leadership Development

Compensation and benefits

We ensure equal and fair treatment to our employees in different parts of the world and we can openly communicate about compensation to our employees. We use a global job leveling system, in which each job level matches the demands of the role. These job levels serve for example as a basis for our compensation model. In addition to the job level the compensation is based on performance, relevant market and industry practices, ethics and local statutory compliance. We have global incentive programs that encourage and reward own and team performance. We believe it is important to contribute to the business targets. We also offer a range of local benefits in all countries of operation. 

We offer a wide range of local benefits ranging from medical care, bonuses, sports and culture, personnel funds, pro bono work opportunities, flexible work conditions, meal benefit, car benefit, opportunity for job rotation etc. (all benefits vary by location).

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