Meet our people

Metso provides many inspiring challenges all around the world. See how our people describe their #MetsoLife experience:

"I am proud to be a part of our team. I feel fully acknowledged and listened to - I work with truly amazing colleagues." - Shanitha, South Africa

"I am surrounded by great people who are very professional. I am also glad to see the impact I make to the business through my work." - Tony, China

"Keep learning every day. Every project is a new challenge and opportunity to learn and build your knowledge." - Deana, Italy

"What I most like about my job is that I know I can contribute to customer success." - Jackeline, Peru

"Be prepared to listen to others and their ideas to develop your knowledge." - Liz, Australia

"In the world of technology, we need to maintain the H2H relationship with customers." - Robert, US

"I love being creative in my role; we bring great ideas to life." - Sonal, India

"Set your goals and make them happen." - Vlad, Russia

"I am a team player. The team  comes first before my own self-fulfillment." - Anna, Sweden

"I feel I have been a key contributor in driving our safety communications to a modern direction." - Matleena, Finland

"Work hard, challenge yourself, search for knowledge and get your job done as well ase possible, no matter how simple the task is." - Wendell, Brazil