All on board

Anna Nyberg's career story

“At Metso You can’t avoid developing”, says Anna Nyberg who has worked for over 12 years at Metso. She started out as a summer trainee working with translations and manuals. After those first few months she has worked with operative, then strategic purchasing in global projects with different people and teams. During the years, she has discovered the value of a global network of experts working together and she’s proud of her team. “People are competent, nice, ambitious and work hard to help customers solve problems. And this is something we want to be better at, constantly”. In her current position Anna is combining her logistics, leadership and communications experience with systems development. She is working in a global team with implementing an inventory planning tool.

Located in Trelleborg, Sweden, Anna now works with spare part planners, responsible for Europe, South Africa and Turkey – with operations in 38 locations. She feels Metso has a culture that supports collaboration: all locations are part of a bigger picture. “In Trelleborg site we have been talking about this term ‘självklart’, which means self-evident in English. We feel it should be “viklart”, “we-evident”, because we always work together to find a solution. For us all to win, problems are solved when things are clear to everyone, not just me. We all need to be on board and work towards the same goal. Working in a global team it takes a lot of focus on communications.”

Possibilities to develop and find new positions within the company has made her stay. “We know each other as colleagues, team members and friends. I feel the leadership is modern and encouraging and it makes a big difference in the atmosphere.”

“I don’t have a reason to apply for a new position outside of Metso. Keeping up with the development makes work fun. We really want to understand why people do what they do and find ways to serve them better every day. Even after 12 years at Metso, I still feel we have a lot of exiting things ahead of us.”