It is all in the teamwork

Virpi Gustafsson is a Director, Trade and Project Finance. She is in charge of trade and customer finance globally. Virpi’s responsibilities can be divided into two main areas: risk management and customer finance. In risk management Virpi’s teams support Metso sales with such as bank guarantees, letter of credit and payment terms related matters. The finance responsibility means arranging finances for Metso’s customers’ equipment financing.

Virpi started working at Metso head office in 2001 in trade finance. "Trade finance is a relationship business," Virpi says. After working in the business for more than 20 years now, Virpi has made good connections and become known in the industry. She thinks that has helped her progress in her career.

In each customer finance case we have a dedicated team of people from the market area, factory and the head office. We work closely together with our sales department to find solutions for our customers in financing equipment. In customer finance we collaborate with export credit agencies, banks and development financial institutions. Virpi believes that success is not only dependent on the financial solutions themselves, she thinks that cooperation between sales and financing is getting more and more important.

“Old ways won’t open new doors.” We are always looking to find new financing solutions for Metso's customers. I like the same motto as guideline for personal life, too.

When discussing motivation, Virpi says it is easy to be continuously motivated as she simply likes what she does. “I have clear responsibility area and freedom to work towards mutually agreed objectives. It is important to feel you are respected and trusted in your job.” Virpi explains. Virpi enjoys challenges in her work, she feels that she always learns something new as each finance case is different for different customers in different countries; the contract type and size also vary. We provide finance for both standard equipment and tailored projects depending on customer needs.

Not only Virpi enjoys working in finding financial solutions for customers but she also likes training others. “I’m a big fan of my field of expertise and I enjoy training people in our networks; I intend to spread my enthusiasm with other likeminded people globally”.

The most enjoyable moments in my work are those when the customer is satisfied with Metso’s overall solution including technology and financing. The success cases demonstrate the power of our teamwork, but also the experience of our Trade and Project Finance team’s network of export credit agencies, commercial banks, development banks, and insurance companies.

In her spare time Virpi has an exotic, yet common Finnish hobby − she enjoys going to sauna and ice swimming a couple of times a week. "You get ‘addicted’ to the great feeling after the sauna and the ice-cold water." Virpi also likes running and going to the gym.

What is in store for the future? Virpi says that her goals and plans are building awareness for the customer finance options and continuously bringing in new exciting solutions to our customers.