Development in work and life

Lidia Sheverdyaeva's career story

“My strength was always on the operational side of the business. I love fixing things that are not working well and build ordered structures out of chaos” says Lidia, reflecting back to her numerous assignments in different business areas as well as process improvements projects that she has participated at Metso over the years. After 12 years at Metso she is very proud of the company. “Metso is a very vibrant company - nothing ever stands still and there are plenty of opportunities for ambitious and hardworking people."

"Our company provides great supportive environment for people to develop and advance themselves. Also, there is a big focus in the company on continuous improvement and providing the highest possible level of customer service, that empowers us to challenge ourselves further.” During time at Metso she had an opportunity visit many mine sites and meet with customers as well as she worked for the number of years in customer service area that allowed her to obtain greater appreciation of what our customers must face daily, what is important to them and how as a company we can support our customers better.

As a young engineer, she worked in a ETO Spare Parts Department and was promoted to the ETO Parts Manager role. During the years, she shared her career aspirations with her hiring manager and to help her reach her goals, her manager introduced her to a senior Metso colleague who became her mentor for many years. “There was no structured mentoring program back then, it was just a testament to the supportive and growth culture I was working in. It was great to have a person that you can trust to bounce of ideas and consult in uncertain situations. My mentor always challenged me to come up with my own solutions and no ready answers were given to me easily. That approach has allowed me to develop and grow as a professional as well as to settle better in my new managerial role back then. Most recently I have started doing regular coaching sessions with my direct manager to help me to progress further.” During the years at Metso Lidia has also finished her MBA with the support of Metso and she attended several Metso’s internal training programs.


“As I progressed through the working life with Metso, we started a family with my husband and we were blessed with 2 wonderful boys and if not for Metso environment that promotes and supports working flexibility and healthy balance between work and life as well as support and understanding of my direct manager it would have been very hard for me to continue to work at the same pace and progress further as well as feel that my family life is not suffering because of my work. Despite my increased family commitments my professional life was not short of challenges.  When I got back from my first maternity leave I got promoted to a new position as Internal Sales & Pricing Manager that increased number of people who reported to me from 6 to 26 compared to my previous role. It was a big challenge to lead a new and bigger team and my manager was indispensable in guiding me through that journey.” 

“One of the most enjoyable parts of my job at Metso is working with people. I work with many wonderful people who I can rely on and seek help when needed. I believe if you help others they will always help you so I never turn anyone away and always try to help regardless whether it is in my area of responsibility or not. Also as a manger one of the most rewarding experiences that one could get is to help your employees to develop and grow professionally over time as well as to guide them through work challenges and inspire them to perform on the higher level than before. Metso has created great environment for productive working relationships between people and I really love coming to work every day even after all those years.” 

Currently Lidia works as ESS Commercial Manager. From operational perspective, she is responsible for managing ETO aftermarket Projects, Parts & Proposals Team and from commercial perspective Lidia provides support to ETO Product Managers and making sure that all commercial aspects of ETO group operation are covered and well managed.