Compliance management

In all our operations, we seek to comply with applicable laws and statutes as well as generally accepted practices.

In all our operations we seek to comply with applicable laws and statutes as well as generally accepted practices. Additionally, our operations are guided by Metso's Code of Conduct, internal policies and guidelines as well as values. They support Metso's responsible operations, sustainability and success.

Code of conduct

Metso's Code of Conduct describes our corporate culture, commonly accepted practices and commitment to compliance with laws and regulations. The foundation of our code of conduct is the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Global Compact initiative, which we have endorsed, and the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. When applicable, the OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises are also incorporated into our code of conduct.

We require that each one of our employees is familiar with the legislation and operating guidelines of their respective areas of responsibility. Business management is responsible for the internal control of the operations in their respective sector. In conjunction with internal audits, we strive to ensure that everyone in the unit being audited is familiar with and compliant with the laws, regulations and principles relating to their respective work. In addition to Metso’s management, the due course of operations is monitored by the Board’s Audit Committee, which reports any misconduct to the Board.

We respect and support human rights. All our employees are entitled to be treated with respect; discrimination, harassment, or illegal threats are not tolerated. We do not accept or use any form of compulsory, forced or child labor, and we respect applicable national laws and regulations regarding working hours and employee compensation. Our Anti-Corruption Policy supports our zero-tolerance to bribery and corruption, including facilitation payments. We demand in our third-party agreements that suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders also follow similar standards. All Metso employees have responsibility for compliance. We have a range of internal controls in place to ensure compliance.

Reporting of suspected financial misconduct

Our guidelines on the prevention of financial misconduct define how suspected misconduct should be reported, how it is investigated and how the issue proceeds. Metso employees are encouraged to report suspected misconduct to their own supervisors, to other management or, if necessary, directly to Internal Audit. Additionally, Metso employees and partners can report suspicions of financial misconduct confidentially via the Whistleblower channel, which is maintained by an independent party. The report can be submitted in several languages via the Internet, by phone or by email, and anonymously, if necessary. Suspected misconduct is investigated immediately and confidentially. Internal Audit decides on how the matter will be investigated and reports the suspicion to the Audit Committee. The Legal Affairs and HR functions together implement any measures consequential to the misconduct.

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