Outlook and disclosures

Metso publishes its outlook quarterly and provides updates on the outlook when necessary. The disclosure policy is approved by the Board of Directors and updated when necessary.

Metso cancels its market outlook statement and provides an update on the Covid-19 impact

Due to the current market uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Metso has decided to cancel its market outlook statement dated February 6, 2020. The market development in January and February 2020 was in line with the outlook statement, but uncertainty caused by the measures to globally fight against the spreading of the coronavirus has increased in our markets towards the end of March.

The cancelled market outlook was as follows: Market activity in both segments, Flow Control and Minerals, is expected to remain at the current level in both the equipment and services business.

Metso will publish a new market outlook statement in its Interim Review for January-March 2020, which is scheduled to be published on May 7, 2020.

Update on the Covid-19 impact

During February, Metso’s operations in China were largely impacted by the coronavirus situation. The Chinese factories were nevertheless restarted successfully during the month and are now running at the normal capacity. The order intake from China in the first quarter is estimated to be on the planned level, while sales in China will be lower than planned, having a minor impact on Metso's financial performance.

The quickly enforced measures to contain the spreading of the virus in various countries around the world are limiting the mobility of workforce and have started to have an impact on our field service operations recently. Currently, Metso’s operations especially in India, Peru and South Africa are affected by the restrictions imposed by governments. If prolonged for several weeks, the restrictions might also affect supply chain activities.

Under these circumstances, Metso will continue to focus on the safety of its personnel and customers, as well as leveraging its global operations in order to provide a maximum flexibility to ensure continuation of its own and its customers’ operations. Simultaneously, the company continues to prepare actions to adapt to short-term challenges in various locations and focus on cost control and cash flow.

The company has already earlier implemented a strong cost control, due to the upcoming demerger and its liquidity position is solid. The planned short-term activities could include reduction of worktime and reduced overall spend. Reduced worktime is likely to have a temporary negative impact on the compensation for many employees, and therefore the Metso Executive Team has decided to participate in this undertaking by lowering its own compensation during this period as well. 

Financial targets

Metso's financial targets are:

  • Sales to exceed market growth
  • Adjusted EBITA-margin over 15%
  • Return on Capital Employed, before taxes over 30%

Our dividend policy is to distribute at least 50% of annual earnings per share as dividend.

Disclosure Policy

Metso follows the principle of equality in its investor communications and aims to give all market participants simultaneous and timely access to the information they need so that they can determine the value of the Metso shares in an informed manner.

Metso follows the rules and recommendations of the Nasdaq OMX Helsinki exchange, as well as the regulation set forth in the Finnish Companies Act and Finnish Securities Markets Act and other relevant laws and the standards of the Financial Supervision Authority (FSA) in Finland.

Disclosure policy is approved by the Board of Directors. The policy describes the main principles and practices of stock exchange communications according to which Metso communicates with its key stakeholders. The purpose of the disclosure policy is to promote the reliability and consistency of the disclosure methods used and to describe the decision-making procedures involved in disclosure.    

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