We have identified certain global megatrends that drive the needs of our customers and their customers alike eventually supporting Metso’s businesses.

Growth of the middle class and rising living standards are increasing the demand in Metso’s customer industries globally. Growth in the demand for copper is supported by the increased demand for electronics and electric cars.

Depletion of natural resources leads to the processing of harder ores and overall larger processing volumes, thereby increasing the demand for wear and spare parts, and more productive new equipment solutions. The global need to limit the use of natural resources has also increased the demand for high-quality manufactured sand. Metso offers the right equipment to produce different sand specifications and turn the “waste” into a premium product.

Urbanization continues to drive infrastructure spending and global demand for minerals. Construction in urban environments calls for stricter requirements for safety, noise and dust. Lokotrack® Urban™ is an example of Metso’s innovative solutions that don’t compromise people’s welfare or operational efficiency.

Digitalization is changing the way industries operate and creating new opportunities especially related to performance improvement and better interaction with customers. Metso's digitalization initiatives are integrated in the company’s strategy; the ambition is to become a digital leader in the industries we serve.

Policies to combat climate change are shifting demand towards solutions that are based on more energy-efficient technologies or that can use biofuels and other renewable energy sources. Metso manufactures waste recycling equipment and provides maintenance and professional services for companies producing or utilizing alternative fuels.

The circular economy is evident in the increasing demand for water efficiency and closed loops from our customers. Metso offers solutions for metal and waste recycling and for the recycling of aggregates. Our service business complements the offering by improving the performance and extending the life of our customers’ equipment.


Our continuing efforts focus on both ends of the circular system – through increasing efficiency in the extraction of raw materials with an eye towards environmental stewardship and through improving the recovery and reuse of materials used in end-of-life consumer and industrial products.
Marke Kallio, Research Manager, Aggregates R&D

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