A Metso world

Metso is present in every-day life in various ways.

Metso enables modern life. The scope of the end products that are being produced with our solutions is very broad. 

A Metso world

Enabling modern life

We serve industries that face challenges like the depletion and degradation of ore grades, water and energy scarcity, dust, high-pressure flow-handling, and safe and efficient recycling processes. Mines, quarries and chemical plants supply raw materials for our daily lives and the world around us. This is where Metso’s technology and expertise come in:

In aggregates, the materials are used as filler in construction sites, cement, buildings, roads, footpaths, bridges, railways, subways − you name it. And today an increasing amount of manufactured sand is being produced by crushing hard stone. 

The minerals obtained by mining are used in virtually all man-made products – from kitchen utensils and mobile phones to skyscrapers. Did you know that copper has been used to make tools, weapons and jewelry for at least 7,000 years, making it the oldest man-made metal? We need iron ore to make steel, chromium to make stainless steel, quartz to make glass and ceramics, and apatite to manufacture fertilizers. Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in everyday life, in electric cars, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and many other devices that we can no longer live without. 

On the recycling side, our solutions cater to the needs of scrap yards, automotive manufacturers, and other household or industrial waste processing facilities. Our metal-eating shredders are used for crushing and compacting cars and other big, bulky materials. Steel is the most recycled material in the world, and recycled steel is used in the manufacture of new steel.

Recycling valuable materials from waste is faster when the waste is the right size. Our shredders reshape and resize mixed waste to a homogenous grain size that is optimal for screening and separation, enabling a more efficient recovery of materials. “Waste-to-energy” is the process of generating energy from waste. Generally, this is done by combusting recycled municipal solid waste and industrial waste in grate incinerators or fluidized bed incinerators.

Aggregates, so to say crushed stone, and demolition waste is an endless source of raw materials for various purposes. Continuous renovations mean that massive amounts of aggregates and demolition waste are generated around the world; this waste can be used in the manufacturing of new products, construction materials or in energy production. Metso Lokotrack mobile plants make it possible to maximize the amount of reusable material – as much as 100% of the crushed asphalt can be recycled.

In flow control, our valves enable the safe and reliable flow of materials at petrochemical plants, pulp and paper mills, and power plants. More than 40% of the world’s polyolefins and 70% of industrial gases flow through Metso valves.

Circular economy

In addition to efficient customer processes, we can find new ways of doing things through circular economy. Extracting metals from landfills, old machines, mobile phones and other waste products will have a role in the future. Cost-effective and energy-efficient ways of retrieving metals, closing loops and extending the life-cycle of equipment are also important.