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Apr 12, 2023

Raising awareness of the mining industry to younger generations

Meet Riddhika Jain, a Product Support Engineer, who recently received the Young Scientist Award at the 2023 Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Inc (SME) Annual Conference in Colorado, US. Her work goal is to help building a sustainable future and showing by example that women can also thrive in the male dominant mining industry.

I’m Riddhika Jain and I work as a Product Support Engineer at Metso Outotec in the Stirred Mills and HPGR business unit. My team and I help global mining clients and engineering firms in incorporating comminution solutions that meet their process specific needs and that are environmentally sustainable. As a part of customer centric approach, we support our customers post-installation and help them tackle any unprecedented issues that might arise due to ore-specific variability and maintenance procedures.

I am a firm believer that creative and innovative efforts in mineral beneficiation can help lower the cost of operation and reduce carbon footprint.

My current research interests include ultrafine grinding of battery and precious metals. At Metso Outotec, I worked on a patented technology to improve ultrafine recovery in traditional flotation cells. The novel process reintroduces tailings in the flotation cell along with nano bubbles and provides a second chance to recover valuable minerals. This improves the flotation cell recovery with only a few minor modifications to the existing systems. The significance of this research was recognized in the recent SME Annual Conference.

Previously, I have worked as product manager, product development manager, and technical sales support roles and supported magnetic separation, flotation, and tailings treatment.

These roles and exposure to different unit operations have helped me develop a comprehensive approach to solve the problems mining and metal industry is facing.

I completed my undergraduate from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-ISM), Dhanbad and my master from Virginia Tech in mineral processing. At Virginia Tech, I worked on a novel HHS process for precious metals. My 15 years in mining, in academic and industry setting have been a remarkable journey which had given me opportunity to work with colleagues around the world and positively impact the mining industry by advocating Planet Positive processing units and tailing reprocessing.

One of my personal interests is to generate more awareness of the mining industry to young generations. We need to understand mining is the steppingstone and without it achieving net zero is impossible. I was fortunate to have great mentors in my career, and I am committed to paying it forward by mentoring the future generation, especially women who are still in scarcity in the industry.


We need to understand mining is the steppingstone and without it achieving net zero is impossible.

Outside work, I enjoy outdoors. I love hiking on natural trails, and skiing in the Rocky Mountains. My three-year-old daughter accompanies us in these activities with all her energy. I also enjoy playing strategic board games, reading books, and traveling to new countries.



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