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Product news September 14, 2011

Double Back Wash Water Filter

Outotec proudly presents the new Outotec Double Back Wash Water Filter for Outotec Larox® CC filters.

In today's competitive world there is a lot of pressure to improve the productivity of industrial processes. The Outotec Double Back Wash Water Filter enhances productivity by making maintenance easier and prolonging the availability of the Outotec Larox® CC filter. This upgrade involves replacing the old filter with two individual filters in the back wash water line.

Instead of stopping the operation to change the single filter cartridge in the back wash water line of conventional Outotec Larox® CC filter, the exchange can be done while the filter is in operation and production continues. Customers will gain benefits such as:

  • Easy filter cartridge change without shutting the filter down 

  • Higher availability 

As an option, electric pressure transmitters can be installed with the Double Back Wash Water Filter to monitor the pressure differences over the filter. The monitor indicates when the filter cartridge should be changed. Customers will gain benefits such as:

  • Increased availability due to reduced maintenance time 

  • Even 60 h per year of saved production time 

  • Easy cleaning of the cartridge cover 

  • Standard installation in all CC-144 filters

Please contact your local Outotec office for more information.

Efficient solid-liquid separation technology leads to both economical and environmental benefits. Outotec Larox® filters and filtration solutions are designed in such a way that in most of the processes they help to achieve significant savings in energy and/or water consumption. Efficient filtration also leads to better quality waste water, thus reducing the environmental burden.

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