Life Cycle Services and Performance Solutions

Life Cycle Services and Performance Solutions

Customizable mining service packages delivering performance outcomes

Minerals processing plants have many moving parts. You need to connect the dots to meet operational goals, but this can prove to be complex. Rather than looking at each part individually, why not consider a complete solution? Metso is here to support you with pre-packaged and custom programs.

Why choose Metso as a partner?

Equipment engineering and design knowledge coupled with extensive field experience

Service footprint
Over 1500 field technicians providing rapid global response time

Over 350 Life Cycle Services contracts delivering results globally

Designing and delivering customized performance-based solutions with strict KPIs

Why consider Life Cycle Services for mining

What is LCS for mining
Metso Life Cycle Services takes our entire after-market portfolio and conveniently bundles them into customizable, easily manageable packages. Depending on the scale of your needs, our packages are flexible and equipped to cover a single-event or to span multiple years, measured against strict KPIs.

Whether acting as a supplement to your team, or managing all aspects of your maintenance and operations, LCS packages are designed to help you meet your goals.

How it works
Metso has been offering innovative LCS solutions for over 10 years, and no one solution has looked the same. We collaborate closely and design a program that works for you. This can focus on a specific goal or developing a partnership based on continuous improvement and optimization.

For added simplicity, we've categorized LCS into four progressive packages, each building on one another, yet still personalized to your needs. Additionally, each package is backed by flexible commercial models including monthly payments, cost-per-ton, or payment deferrals.

Four standard mining packages, customizable to your needs
LCS Scheduled Inspections
LCS Scheduled Inspections

It’s all about peace of mind.
Receive an optimized maintenance plan, in order to minimize costs and ensure that reliability isn’t compromised. Together we'll determine which of your equipment will benefit from inspections for preventive maintenance on a regular basis. Each inspection allows for early identification of issues and helps you prevent major equipment failure, significant production outages, critical parts damage and unplanned costs.

Catch issues early and prevent downtime.
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LCS Shutdown & Wear Parts Optimization
LCS Shutdown & Wear Parts Optimization

It’s all about availability.
Metso performs all components of a shutdown from start to finish. With this package, we take responsibility for reducing your downtime due to shutdowns over the life of the contract. We also look to improve your efficiency by optimizing your wear parts for longevity and their highest production capacity.

Get your equipment back up and running. Fast.
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LCS Shutdown & Process Optimization
LCS Shutdown & Process Optimization

It’s all about throughput.
Metso not only plans and executes your shutdown events, but also provides process support to ensure any mechanical change to your process has a positive impact on your production levels. We take a holistic approach, combining your operations knowledge with our equipment and process expertise to open up new ways of maximizing your mine’s productivity.

Ramp up production levels.
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LCS Maintenance & Process Optimization
LCS Maintenance & Process Optimization

It’s all about reliability.
While each of the previous LCS packages ensure your equipment is operational and producing efficiently, LCS can also focus on maintenance. All the little things that keep your equipment running smoothly add up. We can develop a comprehensive maintenance strategy and execute, from verifying and restoring lubrication levels on designated equipment, or analyzing vibration levels on crushers and grinding mills. Leave no stone unturned.

Keep your equipment running smoothly.
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Open-pit mine
Performance Solutions

To address the unique challenges facing the mining industry today, Metso is committed to building a new type of partnership based on deepened collaboration and focused on achieving clear and sustainable results.

Building on the success of our LCS offering, Performance Solutions takes the concept one step further. Here we focus on delivering business outcomes and not just equipment or services. By taking a holistic approach, Metso engineers’ solutions to achieve and sustain agreed-upon improvements, such as increased throughput or energy efficiency.

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