April 23-28, 2017
New Orleans, USA

Metso at ISRI 2017 Convention and Exposition

Thank you for the tremendous interest! Metso showcased the most advanced products, services and solutions for the metal recycling industry at ISRI Convention and Exposition in April 22-27 in New Orleans, USA. Our two new pioneering products, N-Series Mobile Shear (NMS) and N-Series Box Shear (NBS), were introduced at the event.  #MoreRecyclingWithMetso

Metso's tradition of more than 100 years in metal recycling appears in every detail of the equipment we manufacture. At ISRI 2017, we disclosed how to make the scrap processing simpler, smarter and more efficient.

State-of-the-art products presented

NEW: N-Series Mobile Shear/Baler/Logger (NMS), for the constantly changing demands of the scrap processing indusrty. Everything what Metso's metal recycling equipment is all about: Robust, Reliable and Effective. 

NEW: N-Series Box Shear (NBS), for customers who want to have a compact and reliable shear with a continual loading that is easy to install and doesn't need much space. No foundation required.  

N-Series Briquetting Press (NSP), high performance processing of steel, aluminum, cast iron, brass and other metals. Suitable for operation in scrapyards and metal-processing industry.

N-Series Inclined Shear (NIS), state-of-the-art gravity style shear that is easy to install and can accept long material and large bulky scrap and is available from 700 to 1375 ton (670 to 1250 ton).

N-Series Clamshell shear/baler/logger (NCS), processes almost all scrap, especially small to mid-size facilities where flexibility, low operating cost, ease of maintenance and durability is required.

N-Series Lid-style Baler (NLB), processing for example factory clips, skeletons, sheet, steel cans, stampings, shapes, wire, tubing, white goods. Applicable for scrap yards and industrial applications.

N-Series Triple baler (NTB), handles light to medium ferrous, stainless and copper materials with ease. For all kinds of scrap facilities, industrial plants and automotive applications.

Metso Lindemann and Texas Shredder equipment perfected for decades and well-known for durability and usability.

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Matthias Reinert

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Bob Pfeffer

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