October 17-19, 2018, 1PM-12PM
Opatija, Croatia

GOMA Fuels Symposium 2018

Conference presentation: Proper material selection in refinery valves 

GOMA Fuels Symposium 2018 will take place 17-19 October at the Ambasador Hotel in Opatija, Croatia. At the conference Metso expert Kyle Rayhill will be presenting Proper material selection in refinery valves: 

Oil refineries are a crucial part of our global economy. The products produced within a refinery are used in nearly everything that we do. The process to convert crude oil into usable products is complex and requires many different types of process units within a refinery, such as atmospheric and vacuum distillation, catalytic cracking, hydrotreating, delayed coking, sulfur recovery units, and many other processes.

The operation of these process units requires the use of high quality and reliable equipment. Valves represent a very important part of these process units, and the selection of the right type of valve, along with the correct design and materials of construction is crucial to the success of an operationally efficient and safe refinery. The type and design of the valve trim (components within the valve which provides controllability, shut off capabilities, etc..) is also very important for optimal performance.

The presentation will focus on what the main challenges are within refinery processes for valves selection regarding to proper material selection and trim design.

About GOMA

The GOMA Fuels Symposium is the biennial event primarily focused on fuels production and usage with the topics that cover trends of global oil industry, refinery technology, production excellence, fuels quality, alternative fuels topics and environmental preservation solutions. This event is organized by the Croatian Society for Fuels and Lubricants.

Metso experts

Kyle Rayhill

Kyle Rayhill

Director, Global Oil & Gas Business
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Raimar Hellwig

Raimar Hellwig

Area Business Manager, Europe & India
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