Webinar: Using SmartTag™ to improve performance
November 19-20, 2018
Global - Online

Webinar: Using SmartTag™ to improve performance

Inconsistent and fluctuating production levels is a constant challenge in the mining industry. Often, poor plant performance is blamed on ore types being too soft, hard, or low-grade. However, it is rare that we take a step back and question if this is really the case or if other factors are at play, such as inefficiencies in the plant. Optimizing these areas can have significant effects on processing stability and profitability. Beginning with SmartTagTM, a product that tracks ore from the mine to the plant, you can gain more insight for corrective action. For some of the largest mine sites worldwide, the continuous use of SmartTagTM has resulted in improved reconciliation and blending, reduced dilution and ore loss as well as overall optimization of plant operations.

Join our Metso expert Michael Wortley, Global Manager for Metso PRO Sensor Products to learn how you can improve overall plant performance. This webinar will be co-hosted with Mining Magazine and will focus on SmartTagTM technology, a variety of case studies and Metso’s Process Optimization solutions. 

We will be live on November 19 at 10:00 Pacific Standard Time (PST)

In local times:

  • Nov 19 13:00 EST & GMT-5
  • Nov 19 15:00 GMT-3
  • Nov 19 18:00 GMT
  • Nov 20 8:00 SAST & EET
  • Nov 20 16:00 AEST

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Event speakers

Michael Wortley

Michael Wortley

Global Manager – PRO Sensor Products, Australia
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Jason Nelson

Jason Nelson

Director of Marketing, Services
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