May 14-18, 2018, 9AM-5PM
Munich, Germany

IFAT Munich

IFAT is the world’s leading trade fair for waste and material management. Running for more than five days, the fair provides a unique opportunity to present innovations and to meet with customers, collaborators and other stakeholders in the industry. As a world-leading provider of strong, tried-and-tested solutions for the recycling industry, Metso Recycling is of course an obvious participant. We are presenting products for both metal recycling and waste recycling.

Metal recycling - new alloy hammers optimise the shredding process

By its very nature, scrap metal processing is a highly destructive and corrosive challenge. It requires a fundamental strength in the equipment to withstand high forces, sudden impacts, explosions, and other hazards. American Metal Market selected Metso as the Scrap Equipment Provider of the Year.

This is particularly due to our unique metal alloy that is optimised for metal shredding. Combined with rigorous lean manufacturing processes at our foundries, we have brought to the market a shredder hammer line that provides the lowest cost-per-ton for our customers.

The special Metso alloy                                              

  • Is harder on key areas and helps keep the original shape of the hammer for longer
  • Will feed better since it grabs the material and pulls it in, resulting in higher production
  • Has a higher yield point than manganese (it is less prone to misshaping)
  • Makes it possible to use a thicker hammer that will not jam in your rotor
  • Gives you a more powerful striking force and improves material breakage and non-ferrous recovery


Waste Recycling – come and see why M&J FineShreds are bestsellers

Our range of FineShredders feature both one- and two-shaft shredders for continuous material input. They process pre-shredded, sorted waste and have long proven their worth as vital tools for industries that require consistent, homogeneous waste streams. They have been tested to the maximum and are more flexible than any other machines on the market.

The M&J FineShred unit can be used in a wide range of different applications including difficult materials. Depending on the size of screen applied, it is possible to achieve particle sizes of 10-100 mm. It is simply the best FineShredder in its class - and we have so many great stories to tell about its performance throughout the world. At the fair we will also let it speak for itself by demonstrating it for you.


Help is close at hand - everywhere and at any time

We have a global network of parts distribution centres strategically located in regions where our customers’ operations are concentrated. You can count on our comprehensive, fast service 24/7 wherever you are. Every Metso part is supported by our team of experts. We provide service from the moment you order a part to the moment of delivery and installation and beyond.

That is another good reason for choosing Metso Recycling as a long lasting service and solution partner.

Visit us in Munich in hall B4 booth 451/550 - We look forward to seeing you!

Messe Munich