November 18-21, 2019, 2PM-12AM
Vancouver, BC, Canada, Canada

Tailings and Mine Waste 2019

Metso was present at the Tailings and Mine Waste 2019 conference in Vancouver! 

Tailings and Mine Waste 2019 is geared towards two main themes:

1.) Management and Governance: Best practices, conceptualization, design, operation, post-closure

2.) Contributions to Sustainable Development: Across the same life-cycle stages noted for Management and Governance

Short courses and workshops will run on Sunday, November 17 and will be collaborative across the industry (e.g., include participation from owners, designers, academics, regulators, etc.) and include case histories. The technical program will run Monday, November 18 through Wednesday, November 20, 2019.

For the entire program schedule of the conference, click here

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our Metso booth to speak with us! We were happy to meet and discuss tailings and tailings management with so many attendees. If you did not get a chance to stop by the booth, we are sorry we missed you! Please feel free to reach out to the contact below to speak with one of our Metso experts about  Metso Tailings Management Solutions.

At Metso, our goal is to transform tailings management by changing legacy and risk prone practices with a positive value creation model. We want to lead the way by transformation in tailings dewatering, handling and reprocessing.

For more information about our Metso Tailings Management solutions, click here.

For more details on what Metso had at the Tailings and Mine Waste 2019 conference from Metso, contact Ryan Lucas. Check out some images below from our booth!

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Metso experts

Rodrigo Gouveia

Rodrigo Gouveia

VP, Tailings Management Systems
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