Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is something we take seriously. In our climate program we have considered all our relevant carbon dioxide (CO2) emission categories and we have set targets for each of them. We want all our stakeholders to be involved in the work to reach these important targets and to aim even higher.
Ambitious climate targets
Ambitious climate targets

We have set Science Based Targets (SBT) for our suppliers, production, transportation and the product use phase. In addition to the Science Based Targets, our aim is to offset all our flights, push all our research and development projects to set an energy-efficiency target and investigate opportunities to reduce emissions originating from our offices, employee commuting and car leasing, to name a few. The base year for the targtes is 2018. 

Science based targets

Carbon dioxide emissions reduction targets



30% of suppliers in terms of spend set a science-based emission target by 2024.

  • We work closely with our suppliers to develop their sustainability practices, including setting a CO2 emissions target.
  • Our target is to educate our suppliers to calculate their emissions and set science-based targets for their carbon dioxide emissions. 



25% of emissions reduced by 2030.

  • Since 2010, we have followed an energy-efficiency program targeting energy and CO2 reductions by 2020. We have reduced 8% of our CO2 emissions while simultaneously expanding and growing our business.
  • To reach our 2030 target, we will continue with our focus on energy efficiency and we will invest more in renewable energy in our production facilities.



20% of emissions reduced by 2025.

  • To achieve this target, we will streamline our transportation routes and optimize the locations of our warehouses.
  • We will also investigate other opportunities to reduce the emissions from transportation.

Product use:


10% of emissions reduced through the use of Metso products in the most energy-intensive customer processes by 2025.

  • Grinding is the most energy-intensive stage of minerals processing.
  • Our extensive research and development work has resulted in a significant reduction in energy consumption in our customer processes.



100% of R&D projects set an energy-efficiency target for 2021
By improving the energy efficiency of our products and solutions, we contribute to lower emissions in our customer operations.

100.pngof emissions offset by 2021


Emissions by source in 2018

  • Purchased goods and services: 655,732 tCO2
  • Production: 136,968 tCO2
  • Transportation: Upstream 161,629 tCO2, Downstream 77,821 tCO2
  • Flights: 22,256 tCO2 
Emissions saved in product use in 2018: 1,073,648 tCO2 through our energy-efficient grinding solutions HRC™, Vertimill® and SMD. Read more about the innovative solutions below.

Energy-efficient solutions in the climate program

Metso HRC™

high-pressure grinding rolls are an energy-efficient grinding solution. 


is a unique product offered exclusively by Metso and globally recognized as an energy-efficient grinding machine.

Stirred Media Detritor (SMD)

is a fluidized, vertical stirred mill designed for optimum grinding efficiency. 

Supportive actions

"We will further explore opportunities to reduce our emissions in our offices and from other emissions sources. Every Metso employee will be challenged to innovate new ways of reducing Metso’s emissions in our environmental campaign launching in November 2019 and continuing throughout 2020."

- Kaisa Jungman, Director, Sustainable Business Development

Supportive actions
Our role in the circular economy
What does Circular economy mean and what does it got to do with Metso?