Design features and process benefits lead to lower operating and capital costs


Metso’s UltraFine Screen utilizes a modular design with up to 10 individual screen decks nested together into a single vibrating assembly. Accurate feed distribution across the 10 decks is critical, so the unit also incorperates a patent pending feed splitter box to ensure the feed is evenly distributed across the complete width of each screen deck.


This machine arrangement delivers double the screening area relative to other fine screen technologies in a much more compact overall assemblyThe smaller footprint contributes reduced building and infrastructure cost and in total greatly reduces the capital cost to implement this technology.   

UltraFine screening allows for direct classification by size via the physical dimensions of the screening media aperture which is more efficient than Hydrocyclones that classify material based on mass. Additionally, screening performance is less influenced by plant operational variability and require smaller pumps. These contribute to lower operating cost due to energy efficiency and improved recovery.

Process overview

The new Metso Ultrafine Screen is a high frequency vibrating wet screen designed for applications requiring separation from 0.075 to 1mm.  It is an excellent alternative to hydrocyclones for low capacity plants or for operations with heterogeneous materials.  In hydrocyclones, feed ore components with different solid densities will classify at different cut sizes, which can be detrimental in certain processes. UltraFine Screens can also be used in conjunction with hydrocyclones in a two-stage classification circuit to get a combination circuit to get the best balance between cost and efficiency to maximum the operational return on investment. 

How it works

Depending on the configuration of the unit, the feed slurry reports to a splitter box and the resulting sub-streams flow through hoses to the screen feed inlets - 1 for every 2 decks. Each of these feed streams are further split into two streams to evenly feed across the entire width of each of the screen decks. Each screen deck uses two side tensioned panels of polyurethane screening media cloth with the appropriate aperture size to achieve the desired separation. Each screen deck also has a separate underpan and overflow collection point. The corresponding streams are combined into one discharge point for the oversize and one for the undersize.

Technical info
Model UFS 10 UFS 8 UFS 6 UFS 4 UFS 2
Number of decks 10 8 6 4 2
Screening area (m2) 15 12 9 6 3
Motor power (HP)     2x3.8     
Speed (rpm)     1800 to 3600    
Stroke mm     0.5 to 2.6    
Screen total width (m)     1.8    
Screen total length (m) 5.3 5.1 5.0 4.3 4.1
Screen total height (m) 3.8 3.3 2.9 3.4 1.9

Available media apertures: 0.075, 0.100, 0.120, 0.150, 0.180, 0.220, 0.320, 0.430 and 1 mm.

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