Sustainability agenda, focus areas and targets

Sustainability is at the core of our business. Metso believes that one of the best ways to promote sustainable development is to innovate technologies and change current ways of operating to align with the principles of sustainability. This is how we want to take part in creating a more sustainable future.

Metso’s target is to be considered a thought leader in sustainability by 2020. In practice, this means that we have sustainability integrated into our daily operations and an effective sustainability governance and measurement system in place. It also means that we engage our stakeholders in an active dialog about sustainability in all the communities in which we work, and we use the feedback in developing our products and operations. To achieve our target, we have divided our sustainability into four focus areas based on our sustainability strategy. Our focus areas: Performing together, Building our customer success, Contributing to the environment and Responsible supply chain.

In our own operations, we prioritize the well-being, health and safety of all individuals, and concentrate on reducing our environmental footprint and avoiding environmental accidents. We are committed to offering a safe working environment and preventing all work-related injuries and accidents. We also strive for sustainable operations throughout the supply chain.

Targets in sustainability

To reach our target, we have outlined a practical approach, which includes action plans with short-term targets and long-term targets for 2020. Metso's sustainability strategy gives us the framework for our development areas in sustainability. According to our strategy, we will work together to truly embed sustainability in our daily operations.

Sustainability targets and action plan for 2016-2018